Who is Registrar of Cooperative Societies Maharashtra?

Who is Registrar of Cooperative Societies Maharashtra?

Shri Sunil Pawar
1) Shri Sunil Pawar. Addl. Commissioner & Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Maharashtra State, Central Bldg, Station Road, Pune – 411 001. Tel: 020 26128979 / 26122846 / 47.

How many cooperative societies are there in Maharashtra?

2.13 lakh co-operative societies
Maharashtra has a huge network of 2.13 lakh co-operative societies, of which about 52 per cent are co-operative housing societies with working capital of ₹3,97,466 crore and deposits of ₹2,10,404 crore.

Who is the Minister of Cooperative Society?

Ministry of Co-operation

Agency overview
Formed 6 July 2021
Jurisdiction India
Headquarters New Delhi
Ministers responsible Amit Shah, Cabinet Minister B. L. Verma, Minister of State

What is co-operative housing society?

Housing Co-operative Society: These societies are formed to provide residential houses to members. They purchase land, develop it and construct houses or flats and allot the same to members. Some societies also provide loans at low rate of interest to members to construct their own houses.

What is DDR in Maharashtra?

Responding to rising complaints about housing societies imposing their own rules on residents, insisting on restrictions the civic authorities have relaxed, the deputy district registrar’s ( DDR ) office for cooperative housing societies has warned that it will act against such vigilantism and assertions, under various …

Who is Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies?

Multi-State Cooperative Societies are functioning as autonomous cooperative organizations accountable to their members and not under the administrative control of the Central Registrar, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare.

Who appoints the Maharashtra State cooperative Council?

(1) There shall be a Council to be called the Maharashtra State Co-operative Council consisting of such number of members, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, as the State Government may determine and nominate from time to time. (2) The State Government shall appoint a Secretary of the Council.

Which is the largest co-operative society in India?

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) It is headquartered in New Delhi. IFFCO is the biggest cooperative in the world by turnover on GDP per capita.

Who is the founder of cooperative?

Robert Owen. Robert Owen (1771–1858) is considered as the father of the cooperative movement. A Welshman who made his fortune in the cotton trade, Owen believed in putting his workers in a good environment with access to education for themselves and their children.

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