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Are Nacac fairs free?

Are Nacac fairs free?

NACAC College Fairs High school students, transfer students, and families are welcome to attend for free. Sign up at virtualcollegefairs.org!

What is Nacac virtual college fair?

NACAC Virtual College Fairs (virtualcollegefairs.org) is a signature service from the association. The virtual fairs offer a dynamic digital meeting space for connecting students and families with colleges and universities.

What is a Nacac signature fair?

NACAC offers two types of virtual college fairs: signature and focus. Signature Fairs are held on Sundays starting at 1 p.m. ET and are large events featuring more than 500 colleges and universities from the US and worldwide.

How do I join the virtual college fair?

Sign up now for free! Don’t miss these one-day evens for high school students, transfer students, and families. Go to virtualcollegefairs.org to the see the list of participating colleges. Then log in on each fair date to attend Zoom sessions, text your questions, and demonstrate interest… all without leaving home.

How do Nacac college fairs work?

NACAC Virtual College Fairs is a college search site that prominently features one-day events called virtual fairs. Students may look at the colleges on the site at any time and, on the day of each fair, can attend their choice of Zoom sessions offered by the colleges.

How do online college fairs work?

The virtual college fairs are very much like a traditional college fair. The students log in to the main page that has a list of all the participating colleges. The students can click on each institution to go into their booth page and read about that college.

How do Nacac virtual fairs work?

What is a college fair?

A college fair is an event for high school students to learn more about colleges by talking one-on-one with admissions representatives from various universities. College fairs are typically held at high schools, community centers, community colleges, or convention centers.

What does Nacac stand for?

National Association for College Admission Counseling
National Association for College Admission Counseling- NACAC.

How does virtual college fairs work?

How do you get into a college fair?

The key to using the fair to your advantage is to arrive prepared:

  1. Make a College Fair Game Plan. Before you arrive at the fair, do your research.
  2. Ask Colleges Great Questions.
  3. Dress the Part.
  4. Go Off Script.
  5. Get Contact Information and Use It.
  6. Helpful Questions to Ask Colleges During A College Fair.

Are virtual college fairs worth attending?

Are Virtual College Fairs Worth It? YES! While going virtual has generated its own fair share of problems, there is no reason students shouldn’t be signing up for these virtual college fairs. If anything, more students than ever should be able to attend.

Is the NACAC National College Fair for free?

Hey, Students! Find the college for you. Attend an upcoming NACAC Virtual College Fair. Hundreds of colleges and universities from the US and worldwid will be ready and waiting to talk with you on each fair date. Sign up now for free! Don’t miss these one-day evens for high school students, transfer students, and families.

When does the new cohort of NACAC start?

New cohort starts Dec. 13. Students can get an early start on college planning by signing up to attend free NACAC Virtual College Fairs. The eight fairs happening this fall offer students the chance to interact with hundreds of institutions as they pursue their college dreams.

How can I schedule a meeting with NACAC?

Just go to the college’s profile page and click on the “Schedule a Meeting” button to choose a date and time. You can also send chat messages to any college’s admission office by clicking the “Chat” button. Looking for additional college search advice? Check out these tips and videos featuring college counseling and admission experts from NACAC.

When is the National Association for College Admission Counseling?

NACAC’s worldwide membership of more than 25,000 college counseling and admission professionals empower students to achieve their higher education dreams. “Leading Change” is the theme for the 2021 NACAC National Conference, Sept. 23-25.

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