Where can I get a 1911 pistol made?

Where can I get a 1911 pistol made?

Chambers Custom Pistols Based in Crete, Nebraska, Chambers Custom Pistols has become one of the premier 1911 builders in a short amount of time.

What can a 1911 gunsmith do for You?

Our gunsmiths can get that competition, defense, or range gun back into top operating condition. The 1911 gunsmithing services extend to match grade performance upgrades, aesthetic features, comfort improvements, and many functionality upgrades for a more reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.

When did Wilson Combat start customizing 1911 pistols?

Wilson Combat has been performing World Class Custom Gunsmithing on 1911 pistols since 1977.

Can a 1911 pistol be repaired at MGW?

The expert gunsmiths at MGW can perform general cleaning and repair on your 1911 or 2011 platform pistol. With a vast line of factory original parts, accessories, and high performance aftermarket components for many of the top models on the market, you can rest assured that only quality parts will be used when servicing your go-to firearm.

What makes a 1911 Pro Series so reliable?

The PRO Series™ is how it should be. 100% American made by craftsmen who refuse to compromise. Each PRO Series™ 1911 is painstakingly crafted to perfection, resulting in the most accurate and reliable 1911s made from the finest components, including our drop forged match fitted slide and frame, match grade barrel and trigger, and much more.

What kind of rack do you need for a rifle?

Quality rotary gun racks used to store rifles, rifles with scopes and shot guns on a rotating gun rack for easy access. Quality pistol racks include single level pistol rack and double level pistol rack for the sportsman, gun collector and gun dealer.

Who are the best gunsmiths for 1911 pistols?

Raised in a family of gunsmiths, John Jardine is a master pistolsmith who has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for simply outstanding work since 1965. The company’s 1911 pistols are highly prized examples of old-world craftsmanship and dedication to building the very best in a customized 1911 and 1911A1 style handguns.

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