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How do you conjugate Garder?

How do you conjugate Garder?

Conjugate the verb garder:

  1. je garde. tu gardes.
  2. il gardait. nous avons gardé
  3. vous garderez.
  4. ils garderaient.

What is the French verb to keep?

verb tenir
In French, the verb tenir means “to hold” or “to keep.” In its most common form, the verb describes literal physical action, as in, “She holds a suitcase.” But you can also use it to express an emotional attachment you have to something, such as a pet or a treasured possession.

Is trouver avoir or etre?

Trouver in the Compound Past Tense This requires a simple construction using the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle trouvé. The only conjugation you need to worry about here is for avoir. You’ll use the present tense that matches the subject, then attach the past participle.

What is Vouloir conjugation?

The verb vouloir has its own conjugation pattern. je veux. tu veux. il/elle veut. nous voulons.

What is the past participle of lire?

support Tex

lire ‘to read’
je lis nous lisons
tu lis vous lisez
il/elle/on lit ils/elles lisent
past participle : lu

How do you use the verb Tenir?

If you study French, you probably know the verb tenir. It means “to hold” in the very concrete sense of grasping something. Je vous conseille de bien tenir votre sac. I advise you to tightly hold your purse.

What is trouver in passe compose?

Trouver Passé Composé The passé composé of Trouver is formed by combining the auxiliary verb avoir with the past participle trouvé.

What is the past tense of trouver in French?

Daily Verb Lesson: French for to find is trouver

Simple Tenses trouver
Present Présent find trouve trouvent
Past Imperfect Imparfait found trouvais trouvaient
Simple Past Passé Simple found trouvai trouvèrent

What form is Voudrais?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Conditional
tu veux voudrais
il veut voudrait
nous voulons voudrions
vous voulez voudriez

How do you conjugate Imprefait lire?

‘lire’ is the model of its conjugation….indicatif.

je lisais
tu lisais
il, elle, on lisait
nous lisions

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