What song is in the new Kia commercial?

What song is in the new Kia commercial?

Here’s the new TV commercial for the Kia Seltos that features a song with the lyrics “I want to disappear” and is titled ‘No Matter What Comes Next’.

Who sings in the Kia Seltos commercial?

Billie Eilish
Kia Canada has just unleashed a new commercial for the 2021 Kia Seltos that is exciting as it is alluring. Featuring the talented voice of singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish – she has taken the world by storm, and we have big plans and high hopes that the all-new Kia Seltos will do just the same.

Who is in the new Kia commercial?

Actor Darin Ferraro
Actor Darin Ferraro Stars in The New Kia of Albany. First Commercial.

What are the words to the Kia commercial?

“Fearless, as always, no matter what comes next,” an onscreen line reads throughout the commercial, which is scored by a catchy tune, whose lyrics include “I want to disappear into the air, when I feel you under my skin, you’re under my skin”.

What Billie Eilish song is on the car commercial?

In the Billie Eilish documentary “The World’s a Little Blurry,” one scene features the musician weeping with joy when she receives the car of her dreams—a black matte Dodge Challenger. In the video for her track, “Everything I Wanted,” she takes her Challenger on a late-night drive—all the way into the ocean.

Who is the actor in the Kia car advert?

Robert De Niro
What Kia then did in this advert was to use this to their advantage and bring in the famous actor, Robert De Niro.

Who is the actor in the Kia ad?

The rest of the campaign highlights the Kia range, including the technology packed Sorento, and the stylish Seltos featuring actor, Dacre Montgomery. “This campaign heroes the latest models live and in-camera, in a way that you don’t expect from Kia,” Innocean creative director Paul Bruce says.

Where is the 2021 Kia Sorento front row commercial filmed?

El Segundo
David&Goliath El Segundo, United States In the latest creative campaign for Kia Motors by David&Goliath, Kia introduces the all-new 2021 Sorento, a rugged, mid-size SUV that’s much more than just an SUV, it’s the world’s first storytelling machine.

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