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How is PSLV price calculated?

How is PSLV price calculated?

PSLV (Market Price)** The price is determined by the forward month’s futures contract with the most volume.

What is NAV for PSLV?

PSLV Discount or Premium to NAV: -2.63% for Sept. 20, 2021.

How much silver does one share of PSLV represent?

Admittedly, I am a bit intrigued by the Sprott Physical Silver Trust PSLV; each share represents 0.3691 ounces of silver.

What is the premium on PSLV?

PSLV’s 20% premium is NOT an indication of the true cost of “physical” silver.

How does PSLV fund work?

PSLV is a closed-end fund that lets investors redeem large blocks of shares in exchange for delivery of silver bullion. Sprott Physical Silver Trust often trades at a premium to net asset value (NAV). PSLV “offers a potential tax advantage for certain non-corporate U.S. investors.

How do I invest in PSLV?

Units can be purchased or sold through Sprott financial professionals: in the U.S. via Sprott Global Resource Investments at 800.477. 7853 and in Canada via Sprott Capital Partners at 855.943. 8099….Ticker Symbols:

  1. PSLV (NYSE Arca)
  2. PSLV. U (TSX $US)
  3. PSLV (TSX $CA)

What is PSLV XL?

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, in its forty-third flight (PSLV-C41) in XL configuration launched IRNSS-1I Satellite from First Launch Pad (FLP) of SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. The ‘XL’ configuration of PSLV is used for the twentieth time.

Is PSLV real silver?

Fully Allocated Silver The Trust only holds fully allocated and unencumbered silver — no exceptions. PSLV exclusively invests in London Good Delivery (“LGD”) physical silver bullion.

Is PSLV paper silver?

It’s all paper silver holdings as an investment class with the notable exception of the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV), which has increased its holdings by about 40 million ounces since February. Here’s what’s been happening with total silver holdings since silver bottomed in late March. The same is true for gold.

Who owns PSLV?

Polar Asset Management Partners Inc.
Polar Asset Management Partners Inc.

Where is PSLV silver stored?

the Royal Canadian Mint
PSLV invests in physical silver that’s stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, while SLV’s custodian is JPMorgan.

Where can I buy PSLV stock?

Units can be purchased or sold through Sprott financial professionals: in the U.S. via Sprott Global Resource Investments at 800.477….Ticker Symbols:

  • PSLV (NYSE Arca)
  • PSLV. U (TSX $US)
  • PSLV (TSX $CA)

Where does physical silver go in a fund?

Also, unlike the ETFs, the physical silver is held in a fully allocated account at the Royal Canadian Mint (the fund’s custodian). This differs from the ETFs in that those funds store their silver in unallocated accounts with their respective custodians.

How is net asset value of a security calculated?

Net Asset Value measures the total value of a security based on assets divided by shares outstanding. This metric is calculated by (Total Assets – Total Liabilities) / Shares Outstanding. Read full definition.

How much is the Sprott Physical Silver Trust worth?

As of the time of writing, the fund has a net asset value of $5.61 per share. As PSLV is currently trading for $5.46 per share, investors can essentially obtain the silver owned by the fund at a 2.71% discount. It is always nice to obtain something for less than it is worth, and the market looks to be handing investors a nice opportunity here.

What does premium mean for Physical Silver Trust?

The Premium / Discount is the amount (stated in dollars or percent) by which the selling or purchase price of an ETF is greater than (premium) or less than (discount) its face amount/value or net asset value (NAV). The Sprott Physical Silver Trust is generally exposed to multiple risks that have been both identified and described in the prospectus.

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