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What kind of costume does Catwoman wear in Batman?

What kind of costume does Catwoman wear in Batman?

Catwoman has been featured in many different adaptations of Batman, and that’s why we have Catwoman costumes from all different movies! Women will love dressing up in our sexy Catwoman costumes, with her black jumpsuit along with belt, gloves, eyemask and headpiece to truly look the part.

What kind of a character is Catwoman?

Catwoman has a pretty long resume. Master thief, morally ambiguous crime fighter and cunning villain all make the cut, but with her moves, she could add model to that list without batting an eyelash.

Why does Catwoman wear goggles in the comics?

In the comics, Catwoman uses various goggles and eyewear to aid her thievery. They’ve also become a vital part of her comic book outfit. Protecting your identity while prowling through Gotham City is important if you don’t want Jim Gordon tossing you in the slammer.

What kind of burglary does Catwoman do?

Burglary is child’s play for Catwoman. Sneaking through windows and prowling on rooftops. This pose shows off the agility she uses to steal priceless treasures. Catwoman’s attitude hasn’t changed much over the years. She’s always been an independent woman who takes what she wants, even if what she has to do to get it isn’t entirely legal.

Who is Catwoman in the DC Comics?

Catwoman is a DC Comics character that walks a dangerous line between associating as a heroine or a villain. Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle in the comic book series, is known for having a disheartening past that plays into her often confused character.

Why does Catwoman walk the same streets as Batman?

She is known for assisting Batman when up against bigger threats, but she has also been known to fight against Batman as well. She strolls the same Gotham streets as Batman and sometimes the two meet up for a nighttime brawl.

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