What is the max level of Elixir collector in COC?

What is the max level of Elixir collector in COC?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Capacity Hitpoints
11 150,000 860
12 200,000 960
13 250,000 1,080
14 300,000 1,180

Are elixir collectors worth it?

The Rocket: The Rocket costs 6 elixir and can counter the elixir collector completely. Rocketing a sole collector will lead to a even elixir trade , but it is definitely more worth it if your opponent places it directly behind the princess tower.

What is the Max Elixir collector for th14?

Loot Available This loot doesn’t count to the Town Hall cap (Storage Cap). A level 14 Collector has a storage capacity of 300,000 Elixir, so each filled Collector can offer 150,000 Elixir as loot. Even though all storages are immune to Lightning and Earthquake Spells, Drill, Mines and Collectors are affected by them.

Is Elixir collector a good card?

Provided it doesn’t get damaged, the Elixir Collector will give a profit of 2 Elixir over its lifetime. This is reduced to 1 Elixir when it is mirrored. It is an ideal card to place down if the player has full Elixir and wishes not to waste any.

How long does it take for a level 11 gold mine to fill?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Capacity Time to Fill
9 75,000 1d 10h 5m 27s
10 100,000 1d 11h 42m 52s
11 150,000 1d 18h 51m 26s
12 200,000 1d 23h 37m 9s

What is the highest elixir storage?

The Elixir Storage and Gold Storage are the resource buildings to have the highest levels, being 15. The Elixir Storage, Dark Elixir Drill and Dark Elixir Storage are the only resource buildings in the Home Village that don’t appear in a loading screen.

Does rage affect Elixir collector?

The Rage can be used to increase the movement speed of slow troops, such as Golems, P.E.K.K.A.s, and Giants. This spell can also be used to boost the spawn speeds of cards such as the Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut, Witch, and Night Witch, the fire rate of defensive buildings, or the Elixir Collector’s production speed.

Is Ice Golem better than elixir collector?

Ice Golem costs much less Elixir, has much fewer hitpoints, does less death damage, has no Golemites, and slows troops. Golem serves the role of being a huge tank for a large, tower-taking push, while the Ice Golem is a cheap, reactive mini-tank that is useful on both offense and defense.

What is Max Gold Mine?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Capacity Build Cost
6 20,000 7,000
7 30,000 14,000
8 50,000 28,000
9 75,000 56,000

What is the max level gold mine for town hall 9?

Upgrade Chart

Level Capacity Town Hall Level Required
9 75,000 5
10 100,000 5
11 150,000 7
12 200,000 8

How many elixir storages can u have?

The December 9, 2019 update added the level 14 Elixir Storage and increased storage capacity of level 13 Elixir Storage at 500,000. The same update increased the loot cap at TH12 from 450k to 500k. The June 22, 2020 increased the maximum storage capacity at higher levels for returned resources stolen in attacks.

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