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How did Khalil Underwood change his eye color?

How did Khalil Underwood change his eye color?

Actor and the singer Khalil Underwood changes his eyes color to ice grey. He came to Tunisia for an eye color change procedure. His friend told him he could get the procedure in Tunisia so he didn’t hesitate and made the trip to get Ice Grey eyes!

How do you surgically change your eye color?

This procedure is meant to help people with missing or damaged irises. An eye surgeon cuts open your cornea (the clear layer in front of your iris) and puts in a colored silicone implant. They then unfold the implant to cover your iris. Studies show serious problems in people who’ve gotten iris implants.

What is BrightOcular surgery?

This surgery replaces your eye’s iris — where the color lives — with an intraocular implant of a different color.

What is bright ocular?

The BrightOcular device has five anchoring protrusions that may adhere to iris tissue. We attempt to break these adhesions by injecting viscoelastic material between the cosmetic and natural iris. Gentle manipulation of the implant can confirm its freedom from adhesions.

Is BrightOcular permanent?

WELCOME TO BRIGHTOCULAR The United States patent approved intraocular implant covers up iris defects such as coloboma, aniridia, severe iris atrophies, iridoschisis, and also allows for the change in eye color for cosmetic reasons. BrightOcular can change eye color permanently.

How much does BrightOcular cost?

BrightOcular implant surgeries can cost anywhere from $5,000-$7,000. According to CBS Los Angeles, it’s nearly impossible to confirm how many complications arise from BrightOcular procedures because they are only offered overseas.

What color of eyes is the rarest?

Green eyes
The production of melanin in the iris is what influences eye color. More melanin produces a darker coloring, while less makes for lighter eyes. Green eyes are the rarest, but there exist anecdotal reports that gray eyes are even rarer. Eye color isn’t just a superfluous part of your appearance.

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