What is the latest version of Sybase?

What is the latest version of Sybase?

SAP announced in 2018 the EoMM for release 16.0 – the final version of Sybase/ASE – at the end of 2025.

What is Sybase called now?

Sybase was acquired by SAP in 2010; SAP ceased using the Sybase name in 2014.

What is Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise?

SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP ASE) is a high-performance relational database management system trusted for mission-critical, data-intensive environments. It ensures your business gets the highest operational efficiency and throughput on a broad range of platforms.

Is SAP ASE free?

SAP ASE, express edition for Linux x86-64 is a free, full-use license available for use on up to four engines and 50 GB databases.

How do I upgrade Sybase 15.7 to 16?

Upgrade SYBASE ASE database from 15.7 to 16.0

  1. Upgrade Preparation. Execute preupgrade utility from /sybase/SID/upgrade.
  2. Install ASE 16.0 to /sybase/SID. It will install all the binaries to the required directories.
  4. Execute $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin/sqlupgrade.

Did Microsoft buy Sybase?

In 1993, the co-development licensing agreement between Microsoft and Sybase expired and the cooperation between the companies ended. After Microsoft purchased a copy of the source code of Sybase SQL Server, the both companies continued to develop the products independently, as competitors.

Is SAP ASE same as Sybase?

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) Originally designed for Unix platforms in 1987 under the name Sybase SQL Server, it was renamed Sybase ASE, then renamed again when SAP bought Sybase. It is often used for online transaction management on location and in the cloud.

How do I update my Sybase database?

Procedure – apply patches to sybase

  1. Download the software from the SAP Service Marketplace.
  2. Prepare the upgrade.
  3. Update the ASE software.
  4. Perform post-upgrade tasks.
  5. Update the ODBC and JDBC drivers.
  6. Restart the SAP system.

How do I upgrade SAP ASE?


  1. Copy the interfaces file from old installation directory to new directory if they are not the same.
  2. Copy the .
  3. Copy RUN_server_name file in old $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install directory to the new $SYBASE/ASE-16_0/install.
  4. Update the paths of the RUN_server_name file in $SYBASE/ASE-16_0/install.

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