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What happened Simone Hyams?

What happened Simone Hyams?

Hyams later landed a gig as a corporate events manager for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, before deciding to turn away from the spotlight completely.

Who played Callie in Grange Hill?

Simone Hyams
Simone Hyams (born 4 October 1971 in Hammersmith, London, UK) is a former actress, best known for her role as Caroline “Calley” Donnington in the BBC school drama, Grange Hill, from 1985 to 1991. Other roles included parts in The Bill, Baywatch and a walk-on part in Michael Winner’s 1993 film Dirty Weekend.

Who died from Grange Hill?

Alan Hawkshaw
The musician who wrote the theme tunes for Grange Hill, Countdown, and Channel 4 News has died aged 84. Alan Hawkshaw was also a member of The Shadows, toured with the Rolling Stones, and was sampled by Jay-Z. He was admitted to hospital this week with pneumonia and died in the early hours of Saturday, his agent said.

Is Grange Hill coming back?

Grange Hill returned on 14 April 2008 with its final series, including a return of the original theme music. Series 31 returned to BBC1 after the 2007 series was shown exclusively on the CBBC Channel. In 2019, Redmond spoke about possibly reviving the show and dealing with current social issues.

Who played Danny Kendall in Grange Hill?

Jonathan Lambeth
Jonathan Lambeth is a former actor who founded a Public Relations company called Fides Media. In the 1980s he was famous in the United Kingdom for his acting role as Danny Kendall in the BBC children’s drama series Grange Hill.

Who was Tucker’s girlfriend in Grange Hill?

Michelle Herbert – Trisha Yates She made a brief return as Trisha in the final episode of Tucker’s Luck, the Grange Hill spin-off based on Todd Carty’s character Tucker. Michelle moved to Dundee in the early 1990s to bring up her family and works there alongside her husband running their family glazing business.

What is Erkan Mustafa doing now?

After leaving the show, Erkan appeared in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol and has worked as a presenter for E4 Music. Erkan hosted a Grange Hill cast reunion in a nightclub in Leicester Square back in 2009. Most recently he has appeared as himself on Celebrity Juice, Pointless Celebrities and Soccer AM.

Where is Tucker from Grange Hill now?

TODD CARTY (Tucker Jenkins) He then returned as Tucker for Grange Hill’s final episode in September 2008. Mark has been busy directing television programmes including BBC TV’s ‘Doctors’, as well as appearing as a contestant on ITV1’s ‘Dancing On Ice’.

Why did Jonah leave Grange Hill?

Whilst Jonah Jones had proved to be a very popular character in Grange Hill, producers were not keen for Jonah to continue in the series and decided to kill him off. As a result, Lee Sparke didn’t sign a contract for Series 7, leaving the Grange Hill Production team with a big problem.

Who did Susan Tully play in Grange Hill?

Suzanna Ross
Susan Tully Before she was in Albert Square, she took on the role of rebellious teenager Suzanna Ross in Grange Hill. She played the role in the hit children’s programme for three years, before she secured the major role in EastEnders at the age of 17.

How old is Tucker Jenkins from Grange Hill?

Tucker Jenkins
School Grange Hill
Year Group First Year (1978-1979) Third Year (1980-1981) Fifth Year (1982)
Occupation Student Builder
Age 11-12 (Series 1-Series 2) 13-14 (Series 3-Series 4) 15-16 (Series 5)

What was the real name of Calley Donnington in Grange Hill?

Caroline “Calley” Donnington Real name Simone Hyams appeared in a Michael Winner film called ‘Dirty Weekend’ before turning her hand to events management working for Virgin.

Who is Caroline Donnington in So Solid Crew?

Today, Holmes seems to have taken inspiration from his role as moneymaker Gonch, and runs his own casino. Caroline “Calley” Donnington was known for her wacky obsession with horoscopes and her brief shoplifting habit.

Who is the biological daughter of Bill Donnington?

Calley is the adoptive daughter of Mrs Donnington and Bill Donnington and the biological daughter of Angela Selby. Calley is best friends with Ronnie Birtles from the first year until Ronnie quits school in Lower 6th, but Ronnie supports her when she gets her AIDs test results.


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