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What are the problems of examination malpractices?

What are the problems of examination malpractices?

Examination malpractice has grave consequences on the individuals and institutions of learning, communities and the country at large. Dismissal, termination, loss of position, and lack of self-confidence are effects and have caused a lot of embarrassment and suffering to individuals, families and the nation.

What are examination malpractices?

Examination malpractice is however, commonly defined as a. deliberate wrong doing contrary to official examination rules designed to place a candidate at. an unfair advantage or disadvantage (Omonijo, 2010).

What are the examples of examination malpractice?

Ayanniyi & Anya (2017) identified forms of examination malpractices to include tattoo, token, contract, expo, computo, impersonation, question paper leakage, aiding of students by lecturers, collusion among students, use of unauthorized materials in the examination hall, giraffe or extending of neck to copy from others …

What causes exam malpractice?

From the analysis above, it is apparent that the major causes of examination malpractice are: misplaced priority for certificate acquisition against knowledge and skill acquisition due to the certificate syndrome in the society, Lack of preparation and inadequate preparation by students.

What causes examination malpractices?

Why do students indulge in examination malpractice?

Learners engage in examination malpractice because they have seen society engage in examination malpractice and excel through without being punished. The curriculum which is based on cognitive skills and the limited places at tertiary education are all recipes for examination malpractice.

Why do students practice examination malpractice?

What is school malpractice?

A legal definition of educational malpractice is yet to be codified, but the term can be assumed to involve professional negligence or the failure to provide services that can reasonably be expected.

What are the factors responsible for examination malpractice?

The findings of the study explored that there are various factors that contribute to examination malpractices i.e., corruption; poor implementation of examinations rules; students and parental threats; no fear of punishment; inadequate preparation for examination; poor invigilation; collusion; disloyalty of examination …

How is examination malpractice affecting education in Nigeria?

Examination malpractice in Nigeria: Examination malpractice has eaten deep into the education system of Nigeria to the extent that it can no longer be totally defeated.

Why does examination malpractice often do not work?

Many a time, this form of examination malpractice does not work because, students tend to share one particular answer. Thus, it will be very easy for the examination body to find out that there was actually examination malpractice in the examination center.

What is the definition of makers malpractice?

РMakers Malpractice: Deliberate alteration of marks designed to inflate or deflate a candidate’s original mark. This can be initiated by examination officials, by candidates (making contract with the makers) or making contracts with the candidates.

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