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Is SFU gym free for students?

Is SFU gym free for students?

Eligible Students, Staff and Faculty If you’re eligible, your membership is covered by student fees or staff benefits. To start using the recreation facilities all you need to do is activate your membership.

Does SFU have a gym?

Anyone with an active SFU Recreation Burnaby Membership can book a time-slot to use the Aquatic Centre, Fitness Centre, Climbing Wall (climbing membership required) or a Squash Court. You can book and cancel your session conveniently online through the SFU Rec Member Portal..

How do I get into the SFU gym?

How to Activate your SFU Burnaby Recreation Membership

  1. Log into your student account via
  2. Click Complete your SFU Athletics & Recreation Waiver Now.
  3. Read and agree to the waiver*
  4. Access recreation facilities with your SFU ID Card within 24-48 hours.

Does SFU have a pool?

Aquatics Centre features: 25 metres – 6 lane swimming pool.

How do I opt out of SFU fees?

You can opt out if you provide proof to of equivalent coverage. If you do not opt out you will owe the plan fee as charged. Opting out must be done every year even if you have opted out before.

How much is a Be Active Pass Burnaby?

ActivePASS Memberships

Active 10 Visit Active 90
Child (1 – 12 years)** $26.00 $87.75
Youth (13 – 18 years) $36.00 $121.50
Adult (19 – 64 years) $52.00 $175.50
Senior (65+ years) $38.00 $128.25

How do you get lockers at SFU?

To request a locker:

  1. Complete and email the Locker Request Form to [email protected].
  2. Etransfer $10 (one semester) or $20 (two semesters) to [email protected] (include your name & student number in the comments)
  3. Your locker number and lock code will be emailed to you within 3 business day.

How much is a unit at sfu?

Undergraduate Fees

Basic Tuition Fee1 Differential Tuition Fee for International Students3
normal credit (per unit) $154.20 $487.60
BUS courses at 200 level and above (per unit) $205.60 $539.00
CMPT courses at 200 level and above (per unit) $161.90 $495.30
ENSC courses at 200 level and above (per unit) $169.60 $503.00

How much is sfu a year?

Fees and Tuition

Cost Canadian International
Tuition and fees (includes public transit pass) $6,950 $31,460
Textbooks and supplies $2,350 $2,350
Single residence room with meal plan $11,105 $11,105
Medical insurance $255 $850

How do I get my SFU ID?

Please complete the web form including identification to request your ID Card. Your card will be mailed to the mailing address you’ve provided in goSFU. Please check that you have the correct address listed. Pickup is limited to those students living in SFU Residence and Housing.

Is canvas SFU down?

Normal maintenance times are scheduled for every Friday from 10:00 pm – 11:59 pm.

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