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How old is Eragon at the end of inheritance?

How old is Eragon at the end of inheritance?

seventeen years old
At the end of Inheritance, Eragon is seventeen years old. He left Carvahall when he was fifteen and turned sixteen during his hunt for the Ra’zac.

What is Eragon’s real name?

Christopher Paolini on Twitter: “Eragon’s true name is Hiro Gary-Stu Protagonist the XXIII.”

How old is Eragon in the second book?

fifteen years and seven months old
Eragon is fifteen years and seven months old at this time. 4. Eragon travels back to Carvahall over two days. At the end of the second day, he meets with Sloan, and afterward goes home.

How old is nasuada and Eragon?

Nasuada’s age is unclear in this book. When she meets Eragon near the end of the first book, she is described as seventeen years old, and no birthday has been mentioned in either Eldest or Brisingr, except that she received clothing from Dûrgrimst Ingeitum for her last birthday.

How old is Ronan in Eragon?

two and a half thousand years old
This puts Rhunön at at least two and a half thousand years old.

Who was King before Galbatorix?


Preceded By Position Succeeded By
King Angrenost Broddring Kingdom Monarch Nasuada

Does Eragon have romance?

Love proved a key motivation in the decisions of many of the most major characters of the series, including its main protagonist, Eragon. Love can take many forms. One of the most common is romantic love – a powerful attraction that leads one to feel the desire to mate and to share one’s life with a person.

How old is Brom Eragon?

Saphira was bound by her oaths until Eragon found out more about his parentage on his own. Brom’s exact age at death has not been calculated by Christopher Paolini, but is estimated to be 110 to 130 years.

How old is Eragon when he goes back to Carvahall?

3. Arya transports Saphira’s egg into the Spine (attempting to send it to Brom ), where it is found by Eragon. It is September 20, year 7999. Eragon is fifteen years and seven months old at this time. 4. Eragon travels back to Carvahall over two days.

How old are Saphira, Murtagh, and Eragon?

Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh journey to Gil’ead where they rescue Arya. It takes about one month. They arrive in Gil’ead in late February, year 8000. Murtagh is eighteen years and ten months old. Saphira is between four and five months old.

Who was the trader that Eragon showed the stone to?

Eragon, Roran, and Garrow arrived in Carvahall the next day, where the traders had gathered and showed the stone to a magical trader named Merlock. After Merlock examined it, he said that he didn’t know the stone’s value and that whoever had shaped it had used tools he had never seen before.

What do you need to know about the first Eragon book?

There are several things in the first book, Eragon, that can be observed to determine the time at which different events take place at. Some of these are: The passing of time notes. The age of characters, along with birthdays. Descriptions of the seasons.

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