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How did Mazer Rackham feel about Ender?

How did Mazer Rackham feel about Ender?

Mazer would never directly confirm any of Ender’s theories, but his lack of denial was always enough for Ender to know he was right. He also said he felt more of a connection with Ender than his actual great-grandchildren.

What does Ender learn from Mazer Rackham about the buggers?

Mazer explains that even though he defeated the buggers before, he knew he couldn’t perform such a feat again. Mazer also tells Ender how he learned from his time fighting that, to be successful, they would need a new commander as compassionate as Ender to truly understand the enemy.

Why does Mazer Rackham say that there is no teacher but the enemy?

Mazer Rackham, a character from Ender’s Game, says that ‘there is no techer but the enemy’ because in the end, Ender learned more from bug. gers (the enemy) than from the humans.

How did Mazer Rackham defeat the buggers?

In Ender’s Game, Razer defeated the buggers by going on a suicide run and attacking only one ship in the buggers’ fleet – that of the queen.

Why did they keep Mazer Rackham alive all this time?

They had kept Mazer Rackham alive via a relativity maneuver, making him only age eight years while the earth passed fifty years. He was kept alive to teach the upcoming commander all he (Mazer Rackham) new about the buggers and some of his own strategies.

What reason does Mazer Rackham give for tricking Ender into the believing that he was just playing a game?

Now that he’s killed off an entire species, the adults let Ender rest. Graff and Mazer also tell him that it’s not his fault – they tricked him into doing it because they needed someone who could think like the enemy.

What does Mazer Rackham reveal that was cut from the battle video?

Congratulations. You beat them, and it’s all over.” Mazer reveals that the battles were real, with buggers, the whole time. Ender battled the buggers at their home world, where all of their queens were, and he destroyed them all.

What is strange about Ender’s first meeting with Mazer Rackham?

The first encounter between Ender and Mazer Rackham is a strange one because it is, essentially, a violent one. Mazer met Ender when the boy was sent to the Command School on Eros, and Mazer was assigned as Ender’s mentor and teacher.

Who is the only teacher in Ender’s Game?

Mazer Rackham
The old man says that he’s Ender’s teacher but that “There is no teacher but the enemy” (14.66). Ender beats the old man a little, who then introduces himself as… Mazer Rackham.

Why does Ender feel uncomfortable on Eros?

Ender is disturbed by the lower gravity, the downward slope of all the rooms and halls, and the tunnel-like feeling of Eros. Everyone lives underground because the surface is devoted to collecting and converting sunlight to solar energy.

What sacrifices did Mazer make to be there for Ender?

How is Ender’s teacher still alive after so many years? Out of all the buggers that humans killed in the previous wars, how many were sentient? What sacrifices did Mazer make to be there for Ender? He was cut off from everything and lost all those he loved (just so Ender could learn and eventually defeat the buggers.

How does Ender defeat the buggers?

Ender wins the battle by destroying the planet that the enemy lived on, and the room explodes in cheers. Rackham tells him that he has actually been the fleet commander of the Third Invasion and that he just destroyed the buggers completely.

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