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How do I access my McAfee account?

How do I access my McAfee account?

  1. Go to
  2. Select Login at the top right.
  3. Type your registered email address and password, and then click Log In.
  4. Select Account at the top right, then choose My Profile.
  5. To update your email address, or password click Update in the Account Information field.
  6. Type your new email address or password.

How do I log into McAfee LiveSafe?

Head to the login tab on McAfee antivirus. You will find the “My Account” tab at the top of the page to click it to proceed. Open as pop up, press yes to the security alert. Enter your registered email address and password, then press Log in when prompted.

How do I check my McAfee subscription?

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Type the following:
  5. Click Log in.
  6. Under My Account, select the computer running your McAfee software.
  7. Make a note of the subscription information that displays.
  8. Open your McAfee product, such as LiveSafe or Total Protection.

How do I change my McAfee LiveSafe account?

Hover the cursor at the top of the page and select My Account page. Choose my Account and then select My Profile. On the Account information section, hit the Update button. Now type your new email address and then hit the save button.

Why can’t I log into my McAfee account?

If you have difficulty logging on to your McAfee My Account on, you might be typing the wrong email address or password. Or, your browser could be automatically submitting an invalid email address or password.

What is my McAfee password?

In your browser’s address bar, type, then press Enter. Click Forgot your password. Enter your email address, then click Reset Password. Click Continue.

Why can’t I log into McAfee account?

How do I renew my McAfee LiveSafe subscription?

Go to

  1. Hover your mouse over My Account, and then click Sign In from the list of options.
  2. Type your registered email address and password, and then click Log In.
  3. Mouse over My Account and select Subscriptions.
  4. Click Renew for the appropriate service.

How do I renew McAfee LiveSafe?

How do I know when my McAfee subscription ends?

Head to and Sign In with your existing credentials. Once you have logged in, go to My Account. Here, select the computer or device you wish to check the expiration date for. Your subscription information for that device will be displayed, including the expiration date.

What happens when my McAfee subscription expired?

Does my subscription still work if it has expired? McAfee products with expired subscriptions still work but do not receive updates, and so can’t protect you from new threats. When your subscription expires, you can no longer download new updates and virus definition files. Double-click the McAfee icon in your taskbar.

How do I open my McAfee account?

Use the following steps to access your account: Open a web browser and go to Hover your mouse over My Account, and then click Sign In from the list of options. Type your registered email address and password, and then click Log In.

How do you access McAfee?

Task 1 Click the McAfee SafeKey button in your browser. 2 Log in using your McAfee SafeKey email address and password. 3 Click McAfee SafeKey Vault . Your vault opens in your web browser and your favorites sites appear at the top for easy access. Your recently visited sites and grouped sites are listed.

What does McAfee LiveSafe protect against?

You can also safeguard the data on your Android mobile devices against risky apps and guard against online threats that may be looking to steal your information. McAfee LiveSafeā„¢ service, from Intel Security, protects your data and identity on your devices.

Does McAfee LiveSafe protect against malware?

McAfee LiveSafe’s Mac version has anti-malware, a firewall and protection against malicious websites, but nothing beyond that. There are no parental controls, tune-up utilities or similar tools. This isn’t particularly surprising.

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