Does Wallrock KV600 work?

Does Wallrock KV600 work?

Wallrock Thermal liner KV600 is the most effective member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range. It has been listed by the Energy Saving Trust because of it thermal efficiency and energy saving properties.

Is Wallrock any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for preventing damp. Great, think paper. Used it to help prevent damp from returning in new house. So far it has worked and I think it does help to keep the room warm.

What is Wallrock lining paper?

Wallrock Fibreliner is a no nonsense paper, strong, durable and easy to hang it is suitable for a whole variety of problematic walls. Cracked and damaged walls can be covered quickly and easily and because of its class leading strength it will help to reinforce your wall surface.

What is Wallrock thermal liner made from?

Wallrock is made from short wood pulp fibres combined with long and durable textile fibres, which means the liner can move with building and hide these cracks.

Is Wallrock Thermal Liner fireproof?

Wallrock Fireliner is a ‘Class Zero’ fire rated liner (tested to BS476) that also contains fire retardant so that fire risk is further limited even when the paper is peeling or has been applied over normally flammable surfaces.

What is the best thermal lining paper?

Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner
New! When only the best insulating lining paper is good enough, choose Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner. KV600 is 25% thicker than standard Wallrock Thermal Liner which means less heat escaping through your walls, and rooms that heat up even faster.

Does lining paper make a room warmer?

Every layer of paper you apply to the walls of your home creates an extra layer of insulation. The trapped air in between the lining paper and the wall and subsequently the lining paper and the wallpaper will help to trap air – keeping your home warmer and saving you energy.

What grade is Wallrock lining paper?

The lightweight 800 and 1000 grade liners are perfect for relatively sound wall surfaces. When it comes to all round use ability and excellent masking characteristics, the 1200 and 1400 grade liners are the most popular choice.

Can I paper over Wallrock Fibreliner?

Wallrock Fibreliner offers two surface finishes. The outer surface of the roll offers an improved finish for either painting or over hanging with wallpaper. Please note Wallrock Fibreliner can also be hung horizontally, especially useful if you intend to overhang with a decorative wallpaper.

Can you paper over Wallrock Thermal Liner?

2. If you want to line over thermal liner you need to use paste-the-wall type of a liner such as Wallrock Thermal Liner and not traditional lining paper or wallpaper as these are dimensionally unstable.

Can I paint Wallrock Thermal Liner?

The surface of Wallrock Thermal Liner is longlasting, durable and suitable for painting directly, although for a perfect finish we recommend cross lining with Wallrock FibreLiner Original, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth or Wallrock Fireliner (avoid the use lof standard linings) which allows not only painting but also the …

Can you wallpaper over Wallrock?

Let the walls dry for a day naturally. That means no heating systems, except if the room is especially cold. Now you can paint over the top or hang standard wallpaper to cover the Wallrock*. Ensure any small gaps are filled with flexible, non-shrinking filler.

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