Do you need a license to be a security guard in Ontario?

Do you need a license to be a security guard in Ontario?

To work as a security guard or private investigator in Ontario, you must have a valid licence. Your security guard or private investigator licence has an expiry date that is linked to your date of birth. You will get your licence faster if you apply online, but you can also apply by mail.

Do you need a license to be a security guard in Canada?

Generally, serving as a security guard in Canada requires earning a security license, going through a security training program and passing a security guard test. The process for obtaining a security guard license varies slightly depending on the Canadian province.

How long does it take to get a Ontario security guard License?

approximately two to three weeks
Generally, the process of obtaining your security guard licence in Ontario will take approximately two to three weeks to complete from start to finish. The fastest, most convenient, and least expensive way to complete the licencing process is to register for an online version of the course.

How much do security guards make in Ontario?

According to the Government of Canada’s wage report (updated on October 1, 2019), hourly pay for security guards ranges from $11.50 to $24.86. The median hourly wage in Canada is $15.96….Wages in $/hour in Canada.

Province Ontario
Low $14.00
Median $15.00
High $25.00

How do you pass a security test in Ontario?

The passing mark for the security guard test is 62% (37/60) and, for the private investigator test, is 77% (46/60). If you pass, you can apply for the respective security guard or private investigator licence.

How much is a security license in Ontario?

Apply for Licence The cost of a Security Guard licence is $80 and it will expire two birthdays after the day it is issued.

Do security guards make good money?

How Much Does a Security Guard Make? Security Guards made a median salary of $29,680 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $37,950 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $24,650.

Can you make a living as a security guard?

You might start out as an unarmed guard working late nights making $10.00 an hour and slowly work your way to a position as an armed security guard transporting prisoners for a government agency where you might make $20.00 or even $30.00 an hour.

How hard is Security Guard test?

10 answers No its not hard at all, basic things you learned in school and common sense. Not at all its basic security common sense. They have a one day orientation class. The exam is not hard , if you pay attention in class and take notes !

Can we give security test online?

Attention All Students, Please follow the steps below so that we may register you for your ONLINE ABST EXAM. That’s right, you can write your exam from home ONLINE.

How do you get a guard Card?

How to Get a Guard Card – Step by Step Step 1 – Take the initial 8 hour guard card class Step 2 – Get fingerprinted by Live Scan Step 3 – Submit Security Guard Application Step 4 – Once cleared, receive a copy of your guard card by mail or print a copy online Step 5 – Within 30 days, take additional 16 hours of guard card training

What is a security officer license?

You will require this licence if you intend to act as a security officer. A security officer is someone who is paid to watch, guard or protect any property and sometimes is referred to as a security guard or loss prevention officer. Please note that a separate approval is required if you intend to carry firearms or batons.

What is a security license?

A license is: In order to work as a security guard, a license, often called a guard card, is typically required. A security guard license shows proper training and certification to work as a security guard.

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