Will there be a ASDF movie 13?

Will there be a ASDF movie 13?

Asdfmovie13 is the thirteenth installment to the asdfmovie series. It was uploaded to YouTube on October 26, 2020.

How many ASDF movies are there?

There has been 10 sequels made as of 2017.

When was the second ASDF movie made?

Asdfmovie2 (Short 2010) – IMDb.

Who is suicidal muffin?

Muffin (also known as the Suicidal Muffin or Muffin) is a muffin that appeared in Asdfmovie7 and in Asdfmovie8. He appears to ask random people to eat him because he wants to die, but they always say no.

Is there an asdfmovie 14?

Asdfmovie14 is the fourteen installment to the asdfmovie series. It was sponsered with Monster Legends and was uploaded to YouTube on June 25, 2021.

Who created ASDF?

Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell
Asdfmovie, sometimes inaccurately rendered ASDF Movie, is a comedy web series created by Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell. It features stick figure characters in short, two-minute episodes.

What does ASDF mean?

ASDF. Angry, Sullen, Depressed and Frustrated.

Who created ASDF movie?

Where did like trains come from?

I Like Trains
Origin Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Genres Alternative rock, post-rock
Years active 2004–present
Labels Dance to the Radio, Fierce Panda Records, Talitres, Beggars Banquet

Who created the muffin song?

The Muffin Song is a ridiculously catchy tune created by the 28-year-old and musician Schmoyoho, based on one of the most popular asdfmovie characters – a suicidal muffin.

How old is Asdfmovie?

The first episode of asdfmovie premiered on August 10, 2008, and it was an adaptation of Ridgewell’s “Got Your Nose” comic. The next episode didn’t come out until January of 2010. By the time that asdfmovie’s fifth episode, “asdfmovie5,” came out in May 2012, it received one-million views in just over a day.

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