Will my PNR status be confirmed?

Will my PNR status be confirmed?

PNR status will inform whether train ticket is in Confirmed (CNF), Waitlisted (WL) or Reservation Against Cancellation Station (RAC) status. It will also inform about the seating class, seat number, coach number, boarding time of the train and arriving time for your destination.

How can I get PNR confirmation in probability?

Get PNR Status

  1. THROUGH SMS: SMS “PNR <10-digit PNR number>” to 139.
  2. THROUGH CALL: You can also call 139 to get your PNR status.
  3. Abbrevations in PNR Status: Few abbrevations related to booking such as, WL, PQWL, RSWL, etc. are used in PNR status.

Will RLWL 35 get confirmed?

RLWL tickets are confirmed only when someone from the remote location station vacates berth through cancellation. Remote location stations prepare their own chart 2-3 hours before the actual departure of the train. RLWL confirmation chances are usually very low.

How accurate is PNR prediction?

Based on our tests, it has accuracy of more than 90% and is increasing day by day. Has excellent confirmation chances of more than 80%. Has good confirmation chances of more than 70%.

Will waiting list 17 get confirmed?

It simply means that out of 17, 10 passengers have cancelled their tickets, and hence the number 7 (latter). Your ticket will only get confirmed if 7 more passengers who have already booked their tickets, happen to cancel them. Same goes for GNWL15/12 except that it falls under the general waiting list.

Will rac2 get confirmed?

RAC 2 will almost certainly be a confirmed ticket by the time the reservation charts are prepared.

How can I check the status of my PNR?

Using PNR Number to check ticket details: It’s super easy to check your PNR Status. To check your reservation status, enter the PNR number in the search bar and the results of the search are mostly the following details: Information about the passenger such as their Name, Age, Gender, and Berth Preference

How does PNR status prediction work in Paytm?

PNR Status Prediction Paytm now helps you decide better on your train ticket bookings based on the probability of having the tickets confirmed. With our new “PNR Confirmation Prediction” feature, you can now predict the confirmation probability of the waitlisted tickets, ensuring that your booked tickets get confirmed by the journey date.

How to get PNR prediction of your ticket?

How to get PNR Prediction. By using this website, you can get PNR Prediction of your ticket in 3 easy steps. Go to the Input Box on top below ‘PNR Prediction’. In the Input box, enter PNR Number. Click on Submit Button. Here will be displayed PNR Prediction based on your information.

How to check PNR status of train ticket in India?

The PNR status of your train ticket can be checked on Paytm in no time! For Indian Railways PNR status check, all you need to do is enter your PNR number and click the button indicated. A new window will appear showing your current PNR status live.

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