Why we should honor our veterans?

Why we should honor our veterans?

1. Veterans fought for our freedoms and risked their lives whether or not we realized it or appreciated it. 2. Without the service of veterans we would not have the freedoms we have today.

What makes a soldier a hero?

I know darn well that not every one of them fits Astore’s definition of a hero: “Someone who behaves selflessly, usually at considerable personal risk and sacrifice, to comfort or empower others and to make the world a better place.” Still, so many of our military come very close to doing so.

What is the purpose of a villain?

In their role as an adversary, the villain serves as an obstacle the hero must struggle to overcome. In their role as a foil, they exemplify characteristics that are diametrically opposed to those of the hero, creating a contrast distinguishing heroic traits from villainous ones.

How can I be a good villain?

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Villain?Strong connection to the hero. The best villains are inextricably connected to the hero, and aid in the hero’s character development through their inherent opposition to them. Clear morality. A worthy opponent. Compelling backstory. Villains should be fun.

How do you act like a villain?

Empathize with the choices your villain makes.Remember that the villain is the hero of their own story. Your villain must believe that what they are doing is the best thing for themselves.Don’t practice this mindset all the time while getting into the role so you don’t affect your relationships.

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