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Why startup needs the best writer

Why startup needs the best writer


People love a good story, and good stories sell as the best brands build their existence around an incredible story, which strengthens them. Most startup focus on hiring technical expertise to get their organization moving and in most cases, overlooks the value of a writer. But, if you want to have a story that sells you as a startup, you should, spare some funds and hire an excellent writer. A writer who understands your business and the industry you are in can contribute to your success in the following ways as outlined by EssayKitchen.


As a startup, your website will be one of your most significant business assets other than what you have amassed in intellectual property. A website is a face that represents your business and to put it together; you have to get the help of a developer, a designer, an SEO, as well as a writer. Finding all these skills is simple, but do not overlook the need for a writer.

A designer and a developer may be essential to making the website, but you need someone to bring it to life. Poor content in a website creates an impression of a lazy and poor brand, while well-written and engaging information makes your enterprise of high quality. A writer creates content for your website, which is clear, to the point, has a personality, making it easier for prospective clients to search for it.


Once your website is up and running, the next aspect of your startup, you should think about is a company blog. A blog is a useful tool in bringing traffic and leads to your website, as well as boosting the field’s SEO value. You will need a skilled writer to have your blog regularly up to date and make it of positive influence to your brand.

Do you know how to write your first blog post? I am guessing the answer is no, hence this is why you need a skilled writer. Having one who understands the industry you are venturing into and is familiar with other blogs of this kind assures you of authentic and valuable content.

You may consider other members of your staff other than a writer for the job of creating and updating the blog. But, there is a chance they will be too occupied in their regular job to be consistent in updating it. Plus you do not want a person who only knows how to write a food blog updating your company’s blog before they are carried away by their passion and food recipes end up in your blog too!


Content marketing is an excellent way of identifying and nurturing potential customers. A writer would be the best person to create the content as they determine how to write content for a website by identifying what will work best to win you more customers. One can write and submit a guest post in respectable blogs whose content align with your industry or write articles for industry magazines to make a buzz about your product or services.

A write can also come up with white papers, e-books, and e-guides, among other materials that advertise your company. With such products out there, you are sure of bringing more prospective customers to your doors and convince people who are seeking information to buy in.


Entering your startup for different awards is another way of building your profile. Each industry has various competitions for companies to showcase what they have and in the process, win awards. The submissions mainly utilize verbal presentations so, having a writer to craft your messages in such a way you effectively market your company while focusing on winning would be a great idea.

Awards are an excellent avenue for you to show off your company and bring in investors as through winning, people develop confidence in your brand and the goods and services you offer. Additionally, being new comes with skepticism on whether to trust your website. Awards change all this by giving you a stamp of approval.

Email campaigns

Despite the entry of different modes of communication and marketing, such as the use of social media, you can still rely on email. However, you should note that emails become valuable depending on the quality of the written message. If you choose to have your staff communicate with potential customers or try to compose the materials to entice people to your service, chances are it will be full of errors, which is a turnoff to prospective customers.

Powerfully written subject lines increase the rates at which people will open your emails, while strong messages that create awareness about your startup and that call people to action boosts the number of people who visit your website and people who engage with your company. To achieve all these, hire a writer who believes in employing concepts of experimentation and analysis by use of good writing.


Good writing is an essential skill too often overlooked when startup tech companies are launching. Writers are not only good to do your essay; they also have the skills to conduct marketing campaigns to create awareness on what the company offers online and in the media which a startup has to do. Hiring an experienced writer, whether it is on a part-time basis or a long-term contract, is a great way to maximize your presence in the market.

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