Why is Washington State called Wazzu?

Why is Washington State called Wazzu?

WSU President V. Lane Rawlins said in April the nickname is derogatory and plays to the perception that WSU is a place where booze trumps books. Some alumni agreed, while others said Wazzu is an endearing name for the land grant institution that also has a reputation as a “party school.”

What is Washington State’s logo?

The Washington State University Cougar-head logo is as distinguishable as its history. Its creation by art student Randall Johnson in 1936, marks an important time in the institution’s history as a growing and vital resource for education, research—and sports.

What is the nickname for Washington State University?

Washington State University/Nicknames

Is Washington State University a party school?

Washington State University has a reputation of being a big, bad party school. In fact, another website dedicated to informing college applicants,, ranked Washington State University 78 out of 100 on this year’s list of the top party schools.

What is WSU known for?

The most popular majors at Washington State University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Engineering; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Psychology; Health Professions and Related Programs; Family and Consumer …

Who designed the WSU logo?

Randall Johnson
WSU Honors Randall Johnson, Designer of the Cougar Head Logo. PULLMAN, Wash. — What goes around, comes around. the logo he designed when he was a student at what was then Washington State College in 1936.

What is Washington State University known for?

It is a large institution with an enrollment of 23,092 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Washington State acceptance rate is 76%. Popular majors include Psychology, Social Science Research Methods, and Nursing.

Is UW better than WSU?

It is harder to admit to UW than Washington State. UW has a higher submitted SAT score (1,345) than Washington State (1,125). UW has higher submitted ACT score (30) than Washington State (23)….UW vs Washington State.

UW vs. Washington State
1,345 SAT Score 1,125
30 ACT Score 23
84 % Graduation Rate 60 %
Transfer-out Rate

Is WSU better than ASU?

ASU Tempe has a higher submitted SAT score (1,240) than Washington State (1,125). ASU Tempe has higher submitted ACT score (25) than Washington State (23)….ASU Tempe vs Washington State.

ASU Tempe vs. Washington State
63 % Graduation Rate 60 %
25 % Transfer-out Rate
88 % Retention Rate 79 %
51,585 Student Population 31,478

What makes WSU unique?

WSU provides the best overall college experience because not only do they make hundreds of academic majors available but the community is a social one that is constantly active. Through cultural events, social gatherings, and sports WSU ensures all students get involved one way or another.

What type of people go to WSU?

People that are outgoing and want to have a good time, but can maintain a balance between fun and academics. A person that can regularly attend class, and can meet people to form study groups. Any person who has a positive attitude and has the opportunity should attend WSU.

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