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Why is Chrome not scrolling smoothly?

Why is Chrome not scrolling smoothly?

If your Google Chrome seems to be jerky or stuttering when scrolling, you can enable this feature. Open a new tab and type chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling in the address bar, and press Enter. Click the dropdown box next to Smooth scrolling, and click Enabled. Click Relaunch on the bottom-right corner.

How do I enable smooth scrolling in Chrome?

Enable smooth scrolling in Google Chrome

  1. Flags. In the address bar copy and paste (or type) chrome://flags/ and hit Enter.
  2. Search. Use [Ctrl + F] and type in ‘smooth’ until you find Smooth Scrolling.
  3. Enable. Hit the Enable button under ‘Enable the experimental smooth scrolling implementation.
  4. Re-launch.

Why is my scrolling not smooth?

You may have a problem with a system setting or a graphics driver if you experience choppy scrolling on Web pages. The choppy page display could mean that your computer’s touch device or mouse is set at too high of a scrolling interval or that the computer’s graphics card isn’t able to process graphics fast enough.

How do I get a smooth scroll?

3] Enable Smooth Scrolling in Chrome Type chrome://flags and hit Enter. Search for ‘smooth’. Select Enabled against Smooth scrolling and restart the browser. You can also use the Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller add-on to achieve this.

How do I make chrome smoother?

Speed up Google Chrome

  1. Step 1: Update Chrome. Chrome works best when you’re on the latest version.
  2. Step 2: Close unused tabs. The more tabs you have open, the harder Chrome has to work.
  3. Step 3: Turn off or stop unwanted processes.
  4. Step 4: Let Chrome open pages faster.
  5. Step 5: Check your computer for Malware.

Why is my Google Chrome lagging?

You may run into the Chrome slow issue if you’ve opened too many tabs on your Chrome. Since in Chrome, each tab opens its own process on your PC. These tabs will consume lots of resources, which will trigger the Chrome slow issue. So, close those unnecessary tabs to see if the Chrome slow issue persists.

What is smooth scrolling in Chrome?

If you aren’t sure, smooth scrolling, as its name indicates, is a feature that allows you to scroll smoothly. The usual/normal scrolling is a bit choppier and might stop suddenly. That’s why major applications like Google Chrome have introduced a new feature named smooth scrolling.

Is it safe to use smooth scrolling in Google Chrome?

Note: Smooth Scrolling is an experimental feature in Google Chrome. This means that it isn’t stable and might cause unwanted effects to your system or Google Chrome. So, turn this feature on at your own risk. Here are the steps for enabling smooth scrolling in Google Chrome.

Why is my scroll bar not working in chrome?

Sometimes these bugs arise from clashing interactions between two extensions. First, open an Incognito window in Chrome (three-dotted menu icon at top right -> New incognito window), then try scrolling to see if the problem persists. If it does, then skip down to the next tip.

How to enable smooth scrolling in Microsoft Edge?

Follow the steps given below to enable smooth scrolling in Edge Hold Windows key and press R Type systempropertiesadvanced and press Enter

Is there a way to make your mouse scroll smooth?

If you press the mouse scroll wheel, you can move your mouse up/down and the scroll will be very smooth. Enabling smooth scroll allows you to scroll like that with your regular wheel scroll.

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