Why failing grade? Mistakes in the essay that you make once

Each of us at least once in his life received a bad mark for the essay. Of course, you were upset about it, and then lots of questions emerged in your mind. “Why did I get a failing grade? Am I a bad student?”. In this article, we will take pieces the most popular mistakes in essay papers and help you do not make them anymore.

Structure of the essay

In the beginning, you should have basic writing skills and know the estimated essay structure. Before you get to work on essay paper, always make a short plan your main points. You can make a plan following those questions.

  1. How can you present the topic?
  2. What general remarks can you make?
  3. What are your arguments in support of the topic?
  4. What examples come to mind?
  5. What are your arguments against the topic?
  6. What examples can you think of?
  7. What is your general opinion?

Whatever choices are made, any essay should be based on the plan you can see lower.

  1. Introduction

In this part, you need to say briefly about the ultimate point in your work. It can begin with a quote, rhetorical question, statistical evidence, or fact.

  1. Main Body

State the arguments for and against the issue in separate paragraphs. Each argument is always supported by justifications or examples.

  1. Conclusion

You give your opinion about the theme you have written.

So, you followed the plan, but the failing grade was given all the same? Therefore, your mistake was something else. Let’s figure it out?

Common mistakes

One of the most widely used mistakes is illiteracy, and the way to get rid of it is only reading books or constant checking yourself by vocabularies or Internet. Furthermore, you can use pro-papers paper writing service and low marks will never overtake you.

Beside illiteracy, there are lots of wrongs students make when they write an essay paper. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Run-on sentences

If you forget about comma before a preposition, you will have a run-on sentences mistake. For example, the sentence “I want to go for a walk but I cannot” is wrong. Correct to write: “I want to go for a walk, but I cannot”

To remember this grammar rule, use the acronym FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so.


  • No comma after the linker

The thing you should remember is introductory phrases always requires a comma.

It will be a mistake if you write in the essay: “However the dogs may be dangerous”.

Correctly: “However, the dogs may be dangerous”.

  • Wordiness

One of the most favourite things in student essays is wordiness. Of course, sometimes you want to think more about the problem you write, but try to make your thoughts shorter to pay attention to the other aspects of your essay.

  • Comma splicing

It occurs when you connect two parts of the sentence using a comma, while those parts could be independent.

If you write: “My friend bought a pretty shirt, I bought a new skirt”, it will be wrong.

Correct to write: “My friend bought a pretty shirt, and I bought a new skirt”.

Just remember about FANBOYS, and comma splicing will never be your problem.

  • Comma misuse (inside a compound subject)

Oh no! Those commas everywhere! Stop using it!

The sentence: “My girlfriend, and her sister, watched a film together” is totally wrong.

Write: “My girlfriend and her sister watched a film together”.

As a fact, that mistake usually found in people whose first language is not English. They think in their native language, and then we can see comma misuse in paper essays. Learn grammar rules, guys!

  • No commas around interrupters

That mistake is very similar to the second. Students may forget about commas around interrupters – special linkers that use in mid of sentence to add details. The way to not to get a bad score for the lack of commas, just learn the basic linkers that require isolation by commas.

  • Double negative

It’s not a good idea to put two negative statements in one sentence because the sentence is turned into a positive one.

For example: “He hadn’t anything interesting to tell us”, but the correct version should be: “He had anything interesting to tell us.”

Easy tips to become a good essay writer

There are some helpful piece of advice for a dessert. If you follow them, you will certainly write a good essay.

  1. Always make a plan!
  2. Read other people’s essays sometimes to get inspiration.
  3. Read more books and articles to build your vocabulary.
  4. Stay focused while working.
  5. Don’t write about what you don’t know.
  6. Stay cool.


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