Why do I like where I live essay?

Why do I like where I live essay?

I am very much thankful to my parents who fulfilled my this dream. there are many good things which make my place one of the best. my beautiful place has all basic facilities which is required by people who are living in it like a world class hospital and University e, a police station.

What do you say about your hometown?

I am talking about these kinds of answers:My hometown is modern.My hometown is famous.My hometown is beautiful.My hometown is crowded.My hometown has many people.This says nothing about your hometown at all!So don’t do it.My hometown has a very old church in the centre.

Can you tell me something about your hometown ielts?

Answer: My hometown is London, the capital city of the UK. It is located in South East England, on the River Thames. The advantages of living in London are the high employment prospects, the range of things to do, such as cultural and social activities, and the beautiful parks and river.

What would you like to change in your hometown?

If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some useful and advanced facilities for its use. A modern library, an advanced broad band system and a modern gym may bring a lot of changes to people living in my hometown and keep them up with the latest information and technology.

Where do you live ielts answer?

IELTS Speaking Model Answer: Where you LiveLet’s talk about where you live.Do you live in a house or an apartment?What kind of home would you like to have in the future?What do you like most about where you live?Have you lived in your current city for a long time?What would you improve about your current city?

Does your hometown have beautiful views?

Is there any beautiful scenery in your hometown? Yes there is but I don’t consider it as jaw-dropping or extra-ordinary scenery, it’s just a typical view of the countryside. There are mountains and forests where hikers usually visit and there’s one big lake where people can enjoy fishing, especially in summer.

What do you study ielts speaking?

IELTS Speaking Topic # 1- WorkDo you work or study? What is your job? Why did you choose that job? Are there lots of English teachers in Ho Chi Minh City? Do you enjoy your job? Do you get on well with your co-workers? What was your first day at work like? What responsibilities do you have at work?

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