Who uses Filtertron pickups?

Who uses Filtertron pickups?

In the hands of players as diverse as Brian Setzer, George Harrison, Malcolm Young, Pete Townshend and John Squire, Filter’Trons have shown they can handle everything from 1950s rockabilly to hard rock and indie jangle.

Can Filtertron Pickups be split?

In talking with Tom (TV Jones), the Classic (normal filtertron) does not split well due to its lower output. Not even certain he would make one that could split. He did say a Classic+ (hotter Classic for bridge only) can be split.

Where are TV Jones pickups made?

the USA
Our pickups are proudly hand-crafted in the USA with our own parts (including our own tooling) and with unique magnets and pole screws. As a guitarist / musician you will find our pickups to have clear yet controlled highs with a lot of dynamics.

Can you coil split TV Jones?

yeah you can do it and it’ll give some different tones but really ……. imo TVJ Filtertrons are already THE best and most versatile pups made today so….. splitting coils doesn’t add much.

Are Filtertron single coil?

Simply put, the Filter’Tron has the warm humbucking tone of a PAF and the brightness and clarity of a single coil. Clean, the Filter’Tron has a beautiful jazz sound without the inherent muddiness that a PAF sometimes exhibits. When slightly overdriven, it is the sound of rockabilly.

How many pole screws are in a humbucker Filtertron?

My modern interpretation of the old classic Filtertron pickups of yesteryear in a standard humbucker size. 12 Pole screws for individual string balance give you the option to follow your neck radius and define your own tone. The Neck pickup has a sweeter voice due to its position but still with the brightness needed from this kind of pickup.

What was the original name of the Filter tron?

Our current Maker’s Mark series began with the background of these units but, suffice to say, Ray Butts designed and made Filter’Tron pickups before signing the manufacturing over to Gretsch, and his original name for his pickup was the Ful-Fidelity.

What do you need to know about Filter tron pickups?

With Filter’Trons, less adjustment is considered more when dialing in your sound. The two key points are with addressing pickup adjustment are output and height. The pickup industry uses DC resistance (DCR) to represent the output or strength of a pickup.

Is the PAF humbucker the same as the Filter tron?

While fundamentally a humbucker, the Filter’Tron and the PAF humbucker are miles apart sonically. The tone of the Filter’Tron is what has kept this unique beast around and successful for so long. It is hard to separate the sound from the “Great Gretsch Sound” where these pickups began.

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