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Who plays the Vulcan girl on Star Trek: Enterprise?

Who plays the Vulcan girl on Star Trek: Enterprise?

Jolene Blalock
Jolene Blalock, played T’Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise. But did you know these seven facts about Jolene Blalock… Blalock was born in San Diego on March 5, 1975. She is one of four children.

Are there female Vulcans?

Vulcan female names are not restricted in length or by final letter, but they do tend to start with the letters “T’P,” like T’Paal, T’Pan, T’Pau, and T’Pring.

Did T’Pol get married Koss?

The fourth-season episode “Home” saw T’Pol having to deal with the consequences of her decision, when she chooses to marry Koss in order to save her mother’s professional reputation.

What happened to trip and t pol daughter?

Elizabeth was a binary clone created from the DNA of T’Pol, a Vulcan female, and Commander Charles Tucker III, a Human male, both of whom served aboard the starship Enterprise NX-01. Sadly, Elizabeth died soon afterward, due to a fever and an elevated white blood cell count.

Who plays the Vulcan in Star Trek discovery?

Sonequa Martin

Michael Burnham
Sonequa Martin-Green as xeno-anthropologist Michael Burnham.
First appearance “The Vulcan Hello” (2017) (Discovery)
Created by Bryan Fuller Alex Kurtzman
Portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green Arista Arhin (young)

Who is pol love interest?

In an ultimately discarded line of dialogue from the same script, T’Pol specified that Koss had been betrothed to her since they were fourteen years old. In the script for “Home”, Koss was initially described as “a striking Vulcan man approximately T’Pol’s age.” This would put his year of birth around 2088.

Are t pol and T’Pau related?

For a while, the show’s creative team considered making T’Pau T’Pol’s sister, but rejected that option too. T’Pau did, however, turn up in a later episode as a extremist demanding the government return to the true teachings of the Vulcan philosopher Surak.

Who is the Vulcan commander in Star Trek?

Commander T’Pol is a fictional character played by Jolene Blalock in Star Trek: Enterprise. She is a Vulcan who serves as the science officer aboard the starship Enterprise.

Who is the Vulcan officer on the Enterprise?

Portrayed by Jolene Blalock in the series Star Trek: Enterprise, she is a Vulcan who serves as the science officer aboard the starship Enterprise (NX-01). According to producer Rick Berman, it was originally intended that a younger version of T’Pau would be the Vulcan officer serving on the titular starship in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Who are the Vulcan women in Star Trek?

Sexy Vulcan Women of Star Trek – T’Pol and Saavik. She appeared first in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, in which she was played by Kirstie Alley. The film opens with an unfamiliar female Vulcan in command of the USS Enterprise, but most of the familiar bridge crew (Spock, McCoy, etc.) are present.

Who was T’Pol in Star Trek before Enterprise?

Before Enterprise. T’Pol was the only child of T’Les, an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy, and her husband. Per Vulcan tradition, T’Pol was bonded with a Vulcan named Koss while they were children and expected to marry as adults (” Breaking the Ice “).

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