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Who played in the Mississippi country blues style?

Who played in the Mississippi country blues style?

In the 1990s this style was popularized through the recordings of local musicians R.L. Burnside and David “Junior” Kimbrough. R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough became unlikely heroes of the music world in the 1990s when their “hill country” style caught on in both blues and alternative rock music circles.

Who is the best blues guitarist ever?

The Best Blues Guitarists of All Time

  • Lightnin’ Hopkins.
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
  • T-Bone Walker.
  • Muddy Waters.
  • Albert King.
  • B.B King. Recommended B.B. King listening: Singin’ the blues.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan. Recommended Stevie Ray Vaughan listening: Texas Flood.
  • Derek Trucks. Recommended Derek Trucks listening: Revelator.

Who were the best known musicians for electric Delta blues?

Modern Delta Blues Artists Highlights

  • Jimbo Mathus.
  • R.L. Burnside.
  • Jimbo Mathus & the …
  • Junior Kimbrough.
  • T-Model Ford.
  • David “Honeyboy” Edwards.

Who was known as King of the Blues?

B.B. King
B.B. King: Still The King Of The Blues. B.B. King was the undisputed King of the Blues. Part of this was down to his incredible work ethic. Even in his final years, he was still performing 100 concerts a year with his famous guitar he named Lucille.

Who is similar to Chris Stapleton?

Similar To

  • Alex Williams.
  • Hayes Carll.
  • Jason Isbell.
  • Sturgill Simpson.
  • The SteelDrivers.
  • Brothers Osborne.
  • Cody Jinks.
  • Drake White.

Who was the greatest blues singer?

Read more about the top ten legendary blues artists of all time here.

  • Robert Johnson.
  • Ray Charles.
  • Howlin ‘Wolf.
  • Eric Clapton.
  • John Lee Hooker.
  • Etta James. Etta James – All The Best Of (By Classic Mood Experience)
  • Buddy Guy. Stone Crazy – Buddy Guy.
  • Albert King. Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan – Born Under A Bad Sign (HD)

Did B.B. King fight in ww2?

King was also a military veteran, although he only served for a short time. He was inducted into the U.S. Army toward the end of World War II but released immediately following boot camp after officials ruled him as “essential to the war economy” based on his experience as a tractor driver.

Who sounds like Sturgill Simpson?

Similar To

  • Alex Williams.
  • Lucette.
  • Tyler Childers.
  • Brent Cobb.
  • Chris Stapleton.
  • Eric Church.
  • Jason Isbell.
  • Justin Townes Earle.

Who are some famous blues musicians from Mississippi?

Many blues musicians struggled between the mortal pleasures of the music world and the elevated blessings of church life. Son House might have been the epitome of this dichotomy. Eddie James House, Jr. was born in Coahoma County, Mississippi, in 1902 (though some sources point to a few years before that).

Who was the most famous Mississippi Delta musician?

Robert Johnson, born in Hazelhurst, Mississippi, in 1911, was the most important Delta musician of the era, although his recorded legacy is limited to 29 songs—the output of sessions held in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, during the last few years of his life.

Who are some famous people that played the Delta blues?

John Lee Hooker (August 22, 1912, Clarksdale, Mississippi – June 21, 2001). Acoustic and electric guitarist and singer, one of the best-known exponents of Delta blues, who also played Detroit blues. Son House (March 21, 1902, Lyon, Mississippi – October 19, 1988).

Who is known as the king of the Blues?

Known as “The King of the Blues,” legendary musician B. B. King introduced a signature style of soloing using string bending and vibrato. His song The Thrill is Gone won him a Grammy Hall of Fame Award. He was featured on Rolling Stone ’s “100 greatest guitarists of all time” list. .

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