Who owns the Lovell House?

Who owns the Lovell House?

Betty Topper
The Lovell House was purchased in 1961 by Morton and Betty Topper. It was added to the list of Registered Historic Places in Los Angeles in 1971. In 2021, art dealers Iwan and Manuela Wirth purchased the property for $8.75 million, “with plans to bring back its original lustre.”

Where did Richard Neutra live?

The Neutras lived with Rudolf and Pauline Schindler at Schindler’s 1921 Kings Road residence. Neutra opened his own practice and soon won his first major commission—from one of Schindler’s clients, Philip Lovell.

How many homes did Richard Neutra design?

Between 1927 and 1969, Neutra designed more than 300 houses in California and elsewhere.

Which building designed by Richard Neutra was tied to a steep hill overlooking landscape and city?

The trilevel home spills onto a grassy knoll that overlooks the Hollywood Hills and Downtown Los Angeles. Built in 1958 by Richard Neutra, the Lew House is a testament to its hilltop location and the culture of Los Angeles in the 1950s, which saw the rise of automobiles and a budding new science called psychotherapy.

Who was Philip Lovell?

Philip Lovell was a prominent naturopathic doctor. His “Care of the Body” column in the Los Angeles Times was a popular favorite, and he was known for his promotion of healthy living, vegetarianism, hygiene, and fitness. His theories had a profound impact on Southern California culture.

When was the Lovell Health House built?

Lovell House/Years built
1. Architectural character: The Lovell (Health) House, designed by Richard J. Neutra in 1928, and built in 1928-29, is a prime example of residential architecture where technology creates the environment. The house is constructed of a light steel framework, filled with standard window components.

Where did Richard Neutra go to school?

Vienna University of Technology
Richard Neutra/Education

Neutra attended the Sophiengymnasium in Vienna until 1910. He studied under Max Fabiani and Karl Mayreder at the Vienna University of Technology (1910–18), and also attended the private architecture school of Adolf Loos.

What was the work of Richard Neutra known for?

Shortly after World War II, Neutra created his most memorable works: the Kaufmann Desert House, Palm Springs, Calif. (1946–47), and the Tremaine House, Santa Barbara, Calif. (1947–48). Elegant and precise, these houses are considered exceptionally fine examples of the International Style.

What is Russian architecture called?

The Russian Revival style (historiographical names are: Russian style, Russian: русский стиль, Pseudo-Russian style, Russian: псевдорусский стиль, Neo-Russian style, Russian: нео-русский стиль, Russian Byzantine style, Russian: русско-византийский стиль) is the generic term for a number of different movements within …

Who was influenced by Richard Neutra?

Frank Lloyd Wright
Adolf LoosOtto WagnerErich Mendelsohn
Richard Neutra/Influenced by

Why do Russian architects use onion domes?

Others argued that onion domes first appeared in wooden architecture of the Russian North, above tent-like churches. According to this theory, onion domes were strictly utilitarian, as they prevented snow from piling on the roof. This theory became firmly entrenched in Soviet architectural theory.

Why are Russian churches so colorful?

The color of church cupolas can be also interpreted according to the church symbolism. The golden color is the symbol of celestial glory, that is why golden domes crowned main cathedrals consecrated to Jesus Christ and Twelve Great Feasts. Blue domes with golden stars are characteristic of Mother of God churches.

Where is Richard Neutra’s House in Silver Lake?

An International Style building constructed as Richard Neutra’s home and office on the eastern edge of Silver Lake Reservoir and stands the fascinating result of two generations of architectural experimentation. This Modern home is remarkably well-preserved, even retaining original built-in furniture.

When did Richard Neutra build his own house?

Unlike Schindler, Neutra was included in the pivotal 1932 MoMA exhibit on Modern architecture, further fueling his career. The same year, Neutra built his own home and studio, the Van der Leeuw (VDL) Research House in Silver Lake. After a fire destroyed the house in 1963, Neutra rebuilt it with son Dion using new ideas and materials.

Where was the Schindler and Neutra House located?

Neutra and Schindler and their wives were very close; they shared space in Schindler’s house on Kings Road in Los Angeles from February 1925 until the Neutras left to tour Europe in May 1930. The breakup of Neutra and Schindler is often accorded to Neutra “stealing” client Phillip Lovell for the Lovell Health House.

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