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Who owns Southwest General hospital?

Who owns Southwest General hospital?

About Steward Health Care The company is owned and led by a management team of Steward physicians.

Who owns Texas Vista Medical Center?

Steward Health Care
Since 2017, Texas Vista Medical Center has been part of Steward Health Care, the nation’s largest private, physician-owned health care network, serving more than 12 million patients a year through its extensive network of hospitals, urgent care centers, skilled nursing facilities and substantial behavioral health …

How many beds is Southwest General hospital?

Southwest General Health Center/Number of beds

Where is Southwest General?

Southwest General Health Center is an award-winning hospital in Middleburg Heights, Ohio serving the Greater Cleveland area.

Is Southwest A UH hospital?

Southwest General Health Center is a 354-bed hospital located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio….

Southwest General Health Center
Type General
Affiliated university University Hospitals of Cleveland
Emergency department Level III trauma center

Is Southwest General a nonprofit?

Southwest General is a 350-bed, non-profit hospital serving southwestern Cuyahoga, northern Medina and eastern Lorain counties. Southwest General is home to nationally recognized physicians, state-of-the-art technology and a full range of medical, surgical and emergency services, including a Level III trauma center.

Is Southwest General hospital part of Cleveland Clinic?

Southwest General Health Center is a 354-bed hospital located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. It is partnered with University Hospitals of Cleveland.

What county is Middleburg Heights Ohio in?

Cuyahoga County
Middleburg Heights/Counties

Is Southwest General Hospital for profit?

How big is Southwest General hospital?

Is there a hospital in southwest San Antonio?

We have been providing safe, effective, high-quality health care for the residents of southwest San Antonio for over 30 years. Our 327-bed hospital is the only healthcare facility in southwest San Antonio area so we are dedicated to providing a wide variety of health care services to our patients.

How many beds does Southwest General Hospital have?

SOUTHWEST GENERAL HOSPITAL is a Physician, Medicare Certified Acute Care Hospital with 289 beds, located in SAN ANTONIO, TX. It has been given a rating of 2 stars based on summary of quality measures. These measures reflect common conditions that hospitals usually treat.

How to apply for Southwest General Hospital job?

Anyone needing reasonable accommodation to use our career site or to apply for a position should contact the Human Resources Department at the appropriate facility. Southwest General Hospital is a physician-owned hospital that brings world-class medical expertise and compassion to the care of every patient.

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