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Who owns Patron Capital?

Who owns Patron Capital?

Keith Breslauer
The Founder and Managing Director of Patron Capital Limited is Keith Breslauer, who has 22 years experience in property and corporate finance.

What is a capital call in real estate?

A capital call is the right a manager of a real estate partnership or private equity fund has to request capital from the investors. This is money the investors have promised to contribute either to purchase an asset or for additional cash needed during the life of the investment.

How does a capital call facility work?

Capital Call Facilities – The Basics Capital call facilities provide short-term funding on a revolving basis to private equity funds to bridge the time between when an investment is made by the fund and when capital contributions are received from investors to finance that investment (typically between 30 and 90 days …

What happens if you dont pay a capital call?

Based on the investment agreement and schedule, the fund manager can ask for release of the entire commitment, or declare forfeiture or default. In the worst case scenario, the manager can push the investor to sell their interest.

What is a capital call facility?

A capital call facility is a line of credit provided to a fund to bridge investments or for other temporary funding purposes. With the liquidity provided by the facilities, managers gain funding flexibility and certainty, coupled with operational relief by allowing for the “smoothing” of capital calls from investors.

What is fund level credit?

Portfolio financing provides capital to funds either in the form of a loan or preferred equity, using the fund’s net asset value as collateral. …

How often are capital calls?

Private equity firms typically issue capital calls when an investment deal has been reached and is nearing close. Investors have a predetermined amount of time, which is usually between a week and 10 days, to provide the funds. Once investors provide the funds they are repaid later on with capital contributions.

What is a capital call in an LLC?

A “capital call” describes a situation where the partnership or LLC requires its partners or members to make one more or more additional, mandatory contributions of capital, after their initial capital contribution.

What is portfolio level financing?

Portfolio financing provides capital to funds either in the form of a loan or preferred equity, using the fund’s net asset value as collateral. Where loans are made, they may either be made to the fund or to one underlying portfolio company with a fund-level guarantee.

What is fund-level leverage?

Permanent fund-level leverage, usually secured by net asset value of remaining assets, can be used any time during the remainder of a fund’s life, sources said. To use fund-level debt, GPs need the ability to borrow on a cross-collateralized basis and they need to be able to borrow indefinitely, Storms said.

What happens if you miss a capital call?

An LP who can’t meet a capital call is considered in default and is potentially subject to penalties and legal liability. Generally, the fund manager determines which penalties outlined in the LPA, if any, to apply in any particular situation.

What happens if you don’t make a capital call?

Finally, LPs unable to face capital calls may seek to sell or otherwise transfer their LP interests. Depending on the fund, its investment profile, and amounts remaining to be drawn, the LP may be required to pay amounts to the buyer to relieve the LP of its future obligations to the fund.

Who is Patron Capital Partners and what do they do?

Established in 1999, Patron Capital Partners LLP is one of the leading opportunistic real estate managers in Europe. Established in 1999, Patron Capital Partners has evolved into one of the leading opportunistic real estate managers in Europe.

How big is the investment portfolio of patron?

It targets investments in European property, corporate operating entities whose value is primarily supported by property assets and distressed debt and credit related businesses. Patron targets opportunistic investments with an equity size typically in the range of €30m to €90m. Patron was established in 1999.

How many pubs does Patron Capital Fund V have?

Fund V retains a total of 1,375, predominantly freehold, pubs, with 1,323 held in a securitisation structure and 52 pubs and the head office operations held at TopCo.

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