Who makes Massey Ferguson rotary rakes?

Who makes Massey Ferguson rotary rakes?

Massey Ferguson is a worldwide brand of AGCO. ROTORFLEX is a trademark of AGCO.

Can you Ted hay with rotary rake?

The rotary rake will speed drying but by a limited amount. If you need to ted three days in a row you can do that a lot easier than re-raking in an attempt to fluff your hay back up.

What is a rotary hay rake?

KUHN rotary rakes produce fluffy, well-formed windrows to help you dry your hay faster. This allows you to harvest your crops at their peak nutritional value with less reliance on the weather. Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and depositing it neatly into the windrow.

What is a rotary rake used for?

Rotary Rakes A rotary rake’s mechanical drive enables it to move heavy, wet crops. It also keeps the tines from contacting the ground, minimizing the amount of contamination raked into the crop. This results in higher-quality feed.

Who makes Massey Tedders?

21, 2013) — Massey Ferguson® a global brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), introduces two new expansive TD Series tedders, designed to help commercial hay producers cut drying time and increase tedding efficiency to produce quality hay faster.

What is the difference between a tedder and rake?

In order to speed the drying time of the hay, tedding is generally done the second day after the hay has been mowed or after a heavy rainfall. Raking, however, is not done until the hay has less than 35 percent to 45 percent moisture content. Raking is usually done right before baling.

Can you tedder hay with a hay rake?

A rake can do this. However, since a rake’s job is to put hay into windrows for baling, it simply piles the hay into swaths once again. Therefore, in moist climates, a tedder, which spreads the hay for increased sun and air exposure, is most likely a necessity.

How do you rake hay with a rotary rake?

Set rake tines of rotary rakes to skim just above the ground, so they don’t dig up dirt, contaminating the hay and wearing down tines unnecessarily. Set wheel rakes to have as little contact with the ground as possible. Make sure rotary rake bogey wheels beneath the rotor are level.

Can you bale hay without a tedder?

“In warmer, dryer parts of the country, hay producers can get by without owning a tedder. The ground is dryer, so the crop on the bottom of the windrow typically isn’t being exposed to additional moisture,” Vrieze said.

Which is better a Pequea wheel rake or rotary rake?

Pequea Wheel rakes are an alternative to rotary rakes — without gearboxes, they have fewer wearable parts, which requires less maintenance over time. Wheel Rakes provide faster raking and more raking width per dollar spent. For the right application, they’re an excellent option.

Is the Pequea hay rake made in the USA?

All Pequea farm rakes are made in the USA and backed by our manufacturer’s warranty. We also stand behind all products with parts and service support for as long as you own your purchase. See for yourself why Pequea is the hay rake manufacturer of choice for today’s demanding farmers.

Which is the largest single rotor hay rake?

HRS15: Our largest single rotor hay rake, the HRS15 has 13 arms, delivering an extra-wide 15′ working width and a clean sweep of 12′ 6″. The HRS15 includes all the features of the HR1140. HR24TS: The HR24TS is our dual-rotor hay rake.

What are the dimensions of a hr1140 hay rake?

The HR1140 features an 11′ clean sweep raking width, and a working width up to 14′, also including a tilt cylinder, lift cylinder, walking beams and removable tine arms to make raking easy. We also include our 18.5 x 8 flotation tires which come standard for the HR1140.

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