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Who is the manager of JCPenney?

Who is the manager of JCPenney?

Debbie Reid – General Manager – JCPenney | LinkedIn.

How long does it take to get your portraits back from jcpenney?

2-3 weeks
After placing an order at the studio, your product will arrive at your home within 2-3 weeks. Specialty products may take longer.

Where is JC Penney corporate headquarters?

Plano, Texas, United States

How do I cancel my JCPenney online account?

How do I close my membership/JCPenney Rewards profile? We’re sorry that you would like to close your JCPenney Rewards membership. Please call JCPenney Customer Service at 1- 888-JCP-RWDS (1-888-527-7937). We’ll be happy to help you.

Where do I mail my JCP return?

The address for your return is one of the following:

  1. Reno. facility. 11111 Stead Blvd. Reno, NV. 89506-1500.
  2. Kansas City. facility. 10500 Lackman Rd. Lenexa, KS. 66250-0001.
  3. Columbus. facility. 5555 Scarborough Blvd. Columbus, OH. 43232-4730.

Where is JCP headquarters?

How much is a JCPenney photo session?

How much does a family photo session cost? The session fees are $9.99 per subject. If you become a Perks Club member by purchasing the 2 year membership for $29.99 all your family session fees will be waived for 2 years.

What is JCPenney customer service number?

The customer service number of JCPenney is 800.322.1189

How do I complain to JCPenney?

How to make a Complaint to JCPenney. You should call JCPenney complaints line in the first instance on (800) 322-1189. If this does not resolve matters, then further steps can be taken. Further information is on the website along with details of alternative contact options such as contact form, email and visiting your local branch.

Who is JCPenney President?

The die has been cast at JCPenney (JCP). Marvin Ellison joins JCP November 1 as president moving into the CEO role in August 2015. Ellison replaces current CEO Mike Ullman who will become executive chairman.

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