Who is Middlesex County Sheriff?

Who is Middlesex County Sheriff?

Peter Koutoujian
Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office

Middlesex Sheriff’s Office
Headquarters Medford, Massachusetts
Sheriff responsible Peter Koutoujian
Lockups 2

Where is the Middlesex County Jail?

Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office

Address 701 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901
Phone 732-745-3271
Fax 732-745-4055
Website website

What county is Cambridge MA in?

Middlesex County
Cambridge, city, Middlesex county, eastern Massachusetts, U.S., situated on the north bank of the Charles River, partly opposite Boston.

What does Middlesex County Sheriff do?

The primary duty of the Sheriff is the Security of the County Courthouses and protecting all personnel assigned to these facilities. This function is one of several duties mandated by the New Jersey Constitution.

Does New Jersey have sheriffs?

Sheriffs provide a number of significant services to the public and the New Jersey legal community, and we are thankful for what they do. There are 21 counties in New Jersey, with each county having their own Sheriff’s department.

What area is Middlesex County?

836.1 km²
Middlesex County/Area

What are people from Cambridge MA called?

What is a person from Cambridge called, and how do you spell it? CANTABRIGIAN (That’s right, there’s no D in it). Cantabrigia is the Latin name for Cambridge.

Does Middlesex County have a sheriff?

Scott. Scott was sworn in as the Sheriff of Middlesex County. …

What do county sheriffs do in NJ?

Among the many important functions performed by County Sheriffs include providing security for judges, courthouse staff and the public, transporting criminal defendants to/from jail to attend court hearings and trials, serving legal process, enforcing civil judgments, and conducting judicial sales in foreclosure.

Is the Middlesex Sheriff’s office an independent agency?

And, unlike private firms, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division is an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are fully insured by the state, lowering the risk of liability for your business. We are not restricted by what types of judicial papers we can serve.

Who is the Middlesex County Civil Process Division?

Civil Process Division As part of one of the oldest and most experienced law enforcement agencies in the United States, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division is uniquely equipped to serve and enforce all civil process throughout the 54 cities and towns of Middlesex County.

Where is the sheriff’s office in Somerville MA?

Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number for Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office, a Sheriff Department, at Mystic Avenue, Somerville MA. View map of Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office, and get driving directions from your location . Find Arrest Records, Inmate Records, and Warrants related to Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office.

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