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Who is Maheshwari to Sridevi?

Who is Maheshwari to Sridevi?

Maheshwari is Sridevi’s cousin and has starred in southern films such as ‘Ullasam’ and ‘Gulabi’. “Sridevi has been endorsing most of my designs. She really liked them and asked to go ahead and start my own fashion label.

Is Maheshwari Sridevi sister?

Maheswari was born into a Telugu speaking family to Mahesh Reddy and Suryakala. Her aunt is veteran actress Sridevi. She has a brother Avishek Karthik who is also an actor.

How old is sadha?

37 years (February 17, 1984)

Who is Sridevi husband?

Boney Kapoorm. 1996–2018

Did Sada get married?

Actress Sadha never got married because of this reason… Her breakthrough role in Jayam (2003) brought her to the limelight. Soon, she was part of many hit films like Anniyan and Unnale Unnale. The 37-year-old actress is still unmarried and never publicly known to have been in a relationship.

Why is Sada not in movies?

“I wanted to pursue higher studies but acting came in the way. I became busy with Telugu and Tamil movies after the success of ‘Jayam’,” she said.

Is Maheshwari a lower caste?

Is Maheshwari low caste? From my knowledge Maheshwari is a sub-caste within Marwari community.. they are part of the baniya (business/vaish) community. it’s a Marwari surname. mahesh is one name of shiva.

Where did Swati Maheshwari work as a consultant?

From 2010 to 2012, she joined Internal Medicine, Rockland Hospitals, New Delhi as a consultant. Later, she joined Internal Medicine, Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon. She started working as a Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine in urgent care centre’s Delhi and Gurgaon in 2013.

Who is hotelier Sumit Maheshwari and what does he do?

According to a report by Pinkvilla, Sumit Maheshwari is a hotelier and businessman by profession. In his explosive interview with Fifafooz, he shared that he has been working for Aamby Valley City for almost 13 years and he is a hotelier. He further revealed that he is currently doing his own business in the hospitality sector.

How did Sumit Maheshwari and Pavitra Punia meet?

Hotelier Sumit Maheshwari met Pavitra Punia in the Aamby Valley itself while she was on a Reiki course. It is also said that it was love at first sight for both of them. A common friend played the role of cupid for Pavitra Punia and Sumit Maheshwari.

What did Kanika Maheshwari spell her name as?

Kanika often spells her name as Kanica on numerology suggestion. Before getting into acting, she learned Vaastu Shastra and Color Therapy. She got famous with her role of Meenakshi in Star Plus’ popular serial Diya aur Baati Hum. She considers Mahatma Gandhi as her inspiration and tries to follow his principles.

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