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Who is known for their interesting night photography?

Who is known for their interesting night photography?

Alfred Stieglitz and Brassai were among the early masters to exemplify night photography. Brassai famously documented the results in his 1932 book ‘Paris de Nuit’. We’ve listed 30 night photographers working today who capture unique aspects of the night.

Who is Hannu Huhtamo?

Hannu Huhtamo is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. Since 2008 Hannu has been working on light art and long exposure photography. He also cooperates with artists worldwide and with brands such as LED light manufacturer LED LENSER.

What was Ansel Adams style of photography?

Adams was deeply impressed with the simplicity of the images’ conception and by their rich and luminous tonality, a style in contrast to the soft-focus Pictorialism still in vogue among many contemporary photographers. The experience confirmed in him his evolution toward a purer and more realistic style.

What was Ansel Adams most expensive picture?

A mural-sized print, ‘The Grand Tetons and the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming’, sold for a record-high for an Ansel Adams print, closing at $988,000 USD. Ansel Adams photographed the record-setting print in 1942. The image was commissioned by the Department of the Interior.

Who is the most famous landscape photographer in the world?

Who Is the Most Famous Landscape Photographer? Some of the most famous landscape photographers in the world are Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna, Max Rive, and Verity Milligan. What Defines Landscape Photography? Landscape photography focuses on landscapes of different kinds. It usually features open spaces in nature and cities.

Who is the best photographer for night photography?

George Natsipoulis is a Greek photographer with a unique vision of night street photography. His portfolio features atmospheric night scenes, where it’s always foggy and mysterious. Georges photos often feature lone figures on their journey into the night. His commercial photography also includes beautiful night wedding portraits.

Who are the most famous photographers of the 20th century?

Ansel Adams, arguably the most famous landscape photographer of the 20th century, used the splendor of his beloved High Sierra to plead for our care of nature. And contemporary photographers have furthered the medium, exploring new concepts and formats that often deal with both beauty and critical contemporary issues.

Who are the best photographers in the Pacific Northwest?

Scott Smorra is an Oregon, USA based photographer who creates finely crafted landscape and nature imagery in the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. His goal is not to merely document nature in a photojournalistic style, but rather to capture the beauty, emotions, and moods of nature.

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