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Who Is Bernard Palanca wife?

Who Is Bernard Palanca wife?

Meryll Soriano

Bernard Palanca
Years active 1996–present
Spouse(s) Meryll Soriano (m. 2006; separated)
Partner(s) Tracey Tabora
Children 2

Who is the father of Elijah Soriano?

Bernard Palanca is the father of Meryll Soriano’s son they name Elijah.

Did Meryll Soriano give birth?

Mary Rosalind Soriano Revillame
Meryll Soriano/Full name

Who is the mother of Meryll Soriano?

Bec-Bec Soriano
Meryll Soriano/Mothers

Who is the parents of Bernard Palanca?

Pita Revilla-Palanca
Bernard Palanca, Sr
Bernard Palanca/Parents

What is the relationship of Maricel Soriano and Willie Revillame?

Soriano is the daughter of Revillame and Bec Bec Soriano. “With Lolo,” Soriano simply wrote in the caption of the post.

When did Meryl Soriano born?

After a 10-hour labor, Meryll Soriano gave birth to her child with Joem Bascon on December 17, 2020 via normal delivery.

Who Is Bernard Palanca’s mother?

Pita Revilla-Palanca
Bernard Palanca/Mothers

When did Bernard Palanca and Meryll Soriano get married?

Soriano and Palanca’s whirlwind romance ended in a marriage that took place on September 8, 2006 in a civil ceremony held in San Juan City. Their marriage lasted only five months, after which they decided to part ways. They have a son named Elijah. Soriano said that she is enjoying every moment of being a mother to her first-born Elijah.

Who is the ex husband of Meryll Soriano?

Check out photos from their simple, heartwarming celebration with Jerika Ejercito and her son with Meryll’s ex-husband Bernard Palanca It’s refreshing to see exes get along but what’s even more special is when two people who share an ex form a lasting friendship. Meryll Soriano and Jerika Ejercito are living proof of this.

Where did Meryll Soriano go to high school?

The two moms, who consider one another as family, go way back: they attended the same high school, O.B. Montessori in Greenhills, San Juan. Last August 14, Meryll celebrated her son Eli’s 9th birthday with just a small party of friends she considers as family, including Jerika Ejercito and his son Isaiah.

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