Who became a trainee in July 2011 Blackpink?

Who became a trainee in July 2011 Blackpink?

Of the 4,000 people who auditioned, Lisa was the only one to pass. When she moved to South Korea in 2011 to be a trainee at YG, Lisa, who was in a dance crew in Thailand before BLACKPINK, didn’t know a word of Korean. She studied hard at the language and eventually became fluent enough to be a rapper in BLACKPINK.

Does YG pay for trainees?

The notable exception to this are groups from the “Big 3” companies – SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. Trainees under these three companies get paid as soon as they debut and generally do not face trainee debt at all, unless they leave before completion of their contracts.

How did YG pick Blackpink?

Why are they called Blackpink? Formed by YG Entertainment under the famous K-pop trainee system in South Korea, the members auditioned with the entertainment agency to become students or ‘trainees’ with the hope of one day making their debut as a recording artist.

How did jisoo get into YG?

Jisoo started her journey in the entertainment world when she was selected as a trainee by YG Entertainment in July 2011 after she passed the audition by singing Lee Eun Mi’s ballad I Have a Lover. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the global K-pop idols as a part of BlackPink.

Does YG allow plastic surgery?

They announced, “The new girl group is made up of members who have not had any plastic surgery. The girls have also agreed to the condition of not undergoing plastic surgery in the future in their contract with our CEO, Yang Hyun-suk.

How did YG pick BLACKPINK?

Who are the trainees of YG Entertainment Group?

YG Trainees are the trainees under YG Entertainment that have yet to debut in a group. Trainees were introduced through Youth With You and K-Pop Star. Some of these trainees are also apart of YG subsidiary labels such as The Black Label and Shining Star Culture (Chinese label).

Who was a trainee of YG Entertainment before AB6IX?

Woong (AB6IX) Before joining AB6IX, Woong was a trainee under JYP Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment and YG Entertainment. He even appeared on the Stray Kids survival show, representing YG Entertainment in the Stray Kids: JYP vs. YG episodes.

Who is the girl group that trained under YG ENT?

Denise (Secret Number) Secret Number’s Denise is another member of the group who trained under YG Ent.! She joined the agency in 2016, but eventually left to join Vine Entertainment, where she, along with Jinny, then debuted with Secret Number in 2020!

Are there dating bans for YG trainees?

Relationships Enforcing dating bans on trainees is commonly practiced in the Korean entertainment industry. Several YG artists have shared that their agency also partakes in this preventative measure.

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