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Who are the opposition in the Syrian war?

Who are the opposition in the Syrian war?

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are an alliance of mainly Kurdish but also Arab, Syriac-Assyrian, and Turkmen militias with mainly left-wing and democratic confederalist political leanings. They are opposed to the Assad government, but have directed most of their efforts against Al-Nusra Front and ISIL.

Who are the conflict actors in Syrian war?

Foreign involvement. The major parties supporting the Syrian Government are Iran, Russia and the Lebanese Hezbollah. Syrian rebel groups received political, logistic and military support from the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Britain, France, Israel, and the Netherlands.

Who is the rebel group in Syria?

Ahrar al-Sham In 2015, 2016 and 2017, the group clashed with other rebel groups operating in Syria, including IS, Hezbollah, Nusra front and Hay’et Tahrir al Sham (HTS). More tensions arose in 2020 between the HTS and the Ahrar al-Sham. 41International Crisis Group, Crisis Watch.

Who are Syria’s allies?

Syria continues to foster good relations with its traditional allies, Iran and Russia.

Who does Saudi support in Syria?

The Southern Front, a large, moderate Free Syrian Army-affiliated rebel alliance based in southern Syria between early 2014 and mid-2018 has been reported to have Saudi backing. Another moderate FSA faction financially supported by Saudi Arabia was the Syrian Revolutionaries Front, active from late 2013.

Is America allies with Syria?

Syria severed diplomatic relations with the United States in 1967 in the wake of the Arab-Israeli War. Relations were reestablished in 1974. The United States supports the UN-facilitated, Syrian-led process mandated by UNSCR 2254. There is no military solution to the Syrian conflict.

Does Syria have 2 flags?

As a result of the Syrian Civil War, there are at least two flags used to represent Syria, used by different factions in the war.

Who are the opposition groups in the Syrian Revolution?

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces is a coalition of opposition groups and individuals, mostly exilic, who support the Syrian revolution side and oppose the Assad government ruling Syria.

Who is the opposition government in Idlib Syria?

In 2017, the opposition government in the Idlib Governorate was challenged by the rival Syrian Salvation Government, backed by the Islamist faction Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

Who is fighting in the Civil War in Syria?

Unlike Assad and the opposition, the self-proclaimed Islamic State is intent on erasing Syria’s borders to establish a state of its own in territory spanning parts of Iraq and Syria. Kurdish militants, who have fought to establish an autonomous, if not independent, national homeland in the country’s northeast, are the group’s primary foe.

Who are the members of the Syrian National Council?

Notable members of the Council include: the Syrian Democratic People’s Party, a socialist party which played a “key role” in forming the SNC. The Party’s leader George Sabra (a secularist born into a Christian family) is the official spokesman of the SNC, and also ran for chairman.

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