Which pin is used for the input clock of the counter 0 in ATmega32?

Which pin is used for the input clock of the counter 0 in ATmega32?

Explanation: In ATmega32/16, T0 is the alternative function of PORTB. 0. T0 is Timer/Counter 0 External Clock Input.

How many instructions does the ATmega32 have?

ATmega32-8 Bit AVR MicroController ATmega32 microController is a low power CMOS technology based controller. Due to RISC architecture AVR microcontroller can execute 1 million of instructions per second if cycle frequency is 1 MHz provided by crystal oscillator.

How many timers are in AVR ATmega32?

In AVR ATmega16 / ATmega32, there are three timers: Timer0: 8-bit timer. Timer1: 16-bit timer. Timer2: 8-bit timer.

Which pin is used to reset the ATmega32 chip?

ATMEGA32 Pin Configuration

Pin No. Pin name Description
8 PB7(SCK) Pin 7 of PORTB
9 RESET Reset Pin, Active Low Reset
10 Vcc Vcc = +5V

What are the two types of AVR timer mode?

In AVR, timers are of two types: 8-bit and 16-bit timers. In an 8-bit timer, the register used is 8-bit wide whereas in 16-bit timer, the register width is of 16 bits. This means that the 8-bit timer is capable of counting 2^8=256 steps from 0 to 255 as demonstrated below.

What are the timer counter operation modes of the AVR?


  • Internal Timer: As an internal timer the unit, ticks on the oscillator frequency.
  • External Counter: In this mode the unit is used to count events on a specific external pin on a MCU.
  • Pulse width Modulation(PWM) Generator: PWM is used in speed control of motors and various other applications.

What is the size of program counter in ATmega32?

The AVR is mostly an 8-bit processor, with 32 general 8-bit registers. The Program Counter (PC) register is wider, 16 or 22 bits depending on the program-memory size of the device.

How many reset sources are there in ATmega32?

The AVR device has four sources of reset: Power-on Reset – The Microcontroller (MCU) is reset when the supply voltage is less than the Power-on Reset threshold (VPOT).

What is the SS pin on an ATMega32?

SS (SPI Slave Select Input). This pin is low when controller acts as slave. MOSI (Master Output Slave Input). When controller acts as slave, the data is received by this pin. MISO (Master Input Slave Output).

Which is power supply pin for ATMega32 AVCC?

VCC: Power Supply Pin Voltage input range is 2.7V – 5.5V for ATmega32L and 4.5V – 5.5V for ATmega32 AVCC: This is power supply source for port A, It must be connected with Vcc if not using ADC, It has also another feature for ADC i.e. noise reduction through low pass filter supply from vcc.

What kind of clock clock does ATMega32 have?

ATMega32 has an internal 8MHz clock that is extendable by using external clock pins. External clock pins can extend the clock up to 16MHz. ATMega has an external reset pin to reset the device by external devices and buttons. The reset pin in ATMega32 is:

How much memory is in the ATmega328P chip?

The chip contains 32 kilobytes of internal flash memory, 1 kilobytes of EEPROM and 2 kilobytes of SRAM.

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