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Where to find marine forecasts in San Francisco?

Where to find marine forecasts in San Francisco?

Visit the San Francisco/Monterey, CA Forecast Office which provides links to additional products as well as regionally focused information such as point-specific marine forecasts, predicted tides and buoy observations. Text Interface Version of this page.

How big are the waves in Monterey Bay?

Wind Waves 3 To 4 Ft. Swell S Around 2 Ft. Locally Lower Winds And Seas Across Sheltered Portions Of The Bay. There continues to be a combination of northwest swell mixed with a lighter, longer period southerly swell,but the sea state remains mostly wind driven.

Where is the marine layer in Monterey Bay?

This has set up a 5-7 mb northerly gradient down the coast from Arcata to SFO. This in combination with a shallow ~800 foot marine layer has left the ocean stratus free from Cape Mendocino to Davenport. Low clouds cover the Monterey Bay down to Point Conception as well as the Salinas Valley.

How is the 500MB field in the Bay Area?

The 500mb field is fairly interesting today in that it features a trough axis over the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Coast but with a positive geopotential height anomaly. This is no surprise given the base of the trough is running roughly 588-590dm, which is usually more in line with the peak of a ridge than the base of the trough.

How are coastal waters forecasts divided by zone?

Coastal Waters Forecasts are subdivided by zone, each identified by text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC). The different colors used in the map above have no meaning and are only intended to assist in differentiating the zones.

Where are the northerly winds in San Francisco?

Northerly winds are beginning to subside over much of the waters, but along the coast north of Point Reyes and south of Point Sur, stronger wind gusts are present. These stronger winds will produce steeper wind waves and hazardous conditions. More widespread stronger winds will move into the outer waters Sunday, persisting into early next week.

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