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Where is the model number on a Frigidaire ice maker?

Where is the model number on a Frigidaire ice maker? Frigidaire 5304458371 1 Icemaker : Appliances. You can find your product’s model number on a plate affixed to the product or in the owner’s manual.

Is there a reset button on Frigidaire ice maker?

Once the power is off, unplug the power cord from the outlet. Wait a few minutes, and then you may plug the ice maker back in. Then, you can press the power button again turn the ice maker back on. Once you turn the ice maker back on, you have successfully done a hard reset.

What can cause a Frigidaire Gallery ice maker to stop working?

This usually is due to the water filter being clogged or a restricted water supply. It is recommended to change the water filter first but if the condition still occurs then you want to check for a saddle valve, a water valve not turned on all the way or a kinked water supply line.

How much does it cost to replace a refrigerator ice maker?

On average, it costs $370 to replace an ice maker. Replacing an old ice maker might only cost $300, whereas installing one for the first time could cost up to $420. Considering the average fridge installation costs $1,500, replacing an ice maker might be a more cost-efficient option.

How do I know if my ice maker is bad?

If the ice maker makes cubes and kicks them into the bucket – the water inlet valve is bad. If there are no new cubes in the bucket – the ice maker is bad.

How do you decode a Frigidaire model number?

As you know now the first number represents the year of manufacture. In most current models, the number “2” represents the year 2002, “3” represents 2003, “4” represents 2004, and so on. The next two numbers identify the week of the year the washer was built.

Where is the reset button on a Frigidaire icemaker?

Where to Find the Reset Button

Ice Maker Brand Where to Find the Reset Button
Frigidaire The reset button is on the front of the ice maker, under the motor housing, past the front cover
GE Some GE ice makers do not have a reset button. To reset one, try turning the ice maker off at the power source.

How do you manually cycle a Frigidaire ice maker?

How to Force an Ice Maker to Cycle

  1. Open the freezer door to remove the ice bin from below the ice maker.
  2. Empty the ice from the bin.
  3. Press the ice maker toggle switch to the “On” setting if it is not already activated.
  4. Pop off the front cover of the ice maker with the tip of a flat-blade screwdriver.

How do you reset the ice maker on a Frigidaire refrigerator?

Tips for Resetting a Frigidaire Ice Maker

  1. Press the on/off switch until the LED light turns red.
  2. Wait 15 minutes.
  3. Press and hold the on/off button again until the LED light turns green.

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