Where is the Gentek facility commander?

Where is the Gentek facility commander?

When you regain control, you’ll be ordered to head from Dana’s safe house to a Gentek facility located in Gramercy, on the eastern edge of the borough.

How to destroy fuel tanks prototype?

Puncture each of those tanks with rockets, and both the soldiers and the Hunters will be slain, allowing you to end this mission. Some tanks seem to take only one rocket, others two, so keep running, aiming, and shooting.

Where is Dana’s safe house in prototype?

Dana’s Safehouse was an apartment where Dana Mercer and her brother Alex Mercer were hiding from the military. The apartment belonged to Dana’s friend and was located towards south-west of Times Square, Manhattan.

How do you beat prototype?

The best strategy is to goad him into attacking, back up to dodge, then attack as he recovers. Armor will also minimize the damage he does if he connects. Do not use aerial attacks against the Supreme Hunter as it will block them and reduce or even negate the damage while also knocking you back.

How fast does Alex Mercer run?

Superhuman Speed & Agility: Mercer’s speed is likewise enhanced beyond that of normal human being thanks to his unique physiology, able to achieve running speeds surpassing that of most vehicles on the planet and even sufficient enough to run up walls and buildings thus putting him around 200 to 500mph.

How to enter the perimeter of the Gentek facility?

To gain entry to the facility perimeter without alerting the military, you must assume a military disguise. If you started this mission coming off the tail-end of the last, you should still have Captain Mac Marshall’s form as a disguise; this will suffice. Assume a Military Disguise and use it to enter the perimeter of the Gentek Facility.

Who is the facility commander in behind the glass?

The Facility Commander is marked by a blue DNA strain icon. Since you do not have access to the Stealth Consume ability yet, your best bet is to Sprint Grab the Commander, consume him, and then evade the military before returning to the facility with your new disguise. The Facility Commander is Todd Chupka, a Web of Intrigue Target.

Who is the one man army in prototype?

You are Alex Mercer, a shape-shifting, human-consuming, one-man army. And yet, even with these powers, you’ll be facing some of the most challenging (or some may say frustrating) missions in any open-world game–and that’s where we come in.

Where to find the disguise meter in prototype?

Proceed down the street to the rooftop that’s marked on-screen. Once there, hop over to nearby rooftop and step into the cone of light to trigger the next sequence. Disguise Meter The disguise meter, located just right of the map, displays whether your disguise has been compromised or not.

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