Where is the black samurai smt4?

Where is the black samurai smt4?

The Black Samurai can be found at the Juraku Bookstore. The Juraku Bookstore is a demon’s domain, however, the mapper app works in this domain. Therefore, you can see a clear map at the bottom of your 3DS’s screen after moving to every inch of the domain.

How do I get to Ikebukuro smt4?

The Ikebukuro Region is the fourth district you will visit in Tokyo. You can reach it by taking an Underground Tunnel from the Shinjuku Region.

How do you get Jirae talisman?

There is a man with a heavy accent who blocks your passageway in the underground station of Shinjuku. After completing most of your remaining quest (especially the Phantom of Madness quest), the heavily accented man will give you a new quest to slay Kuebiko. After defeating Kuebiko, you will obtain the Jirae Talisman.

Where is Peallaidh?

Peallaidh appears in the lower areas of Kanda-no-yashiro. He can teach the Poison Breath, Pulinpa and Mudo skills through his Demon Whisper.

Who Is the Black Samurai SMT?

Valerie Arem is the English dub voice of Black Samurai in Shin Megami Tensei IV, and Atsuko Tanaka is the Japanese voice.

Where is Yuriko SMT IV?

Yuriko can be found in Gaea’s temple in Tsukiji, which is part of the Ginza Region. This region can be accessed through the Tokyo Station. To get there, take a terminal to Kasumigaseki, exit out to the Chiyoda Region map, and head a short distance North. Tokyo Station will be on the East side of the road.

How do you beat XI Wangmu?

Xi Wangmu is weak against force element attacks. She blocks both dark and light element skills. Take note that I only used the instant KO dark and light skills during my battle with her. Ice, fire, gun, and physical skills all worked well.

Where do I go after Ikebukuro?

After the battle, Thor will allow you to go see Gozu-Tennoh. Shortly after, you will be taken back to Ikebukuro Mall.

Where is shinobazu pond SMT IV?

When you’re far in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, you will get the ‘Defeat the Ghosts’ quest. This quest requires you to find Shinobazu Pond so that you can get rid of some demons. Shinobazu Pond can be found in Ueno and this guide shows you how to get there.

Where is Peallaidh SMT IV?

After accepting the quest, you can find Peallaidh at Shinobazu Pond (Peallaidh can’t be unlocked without accepting the quest). Shinobazu Pond is one of the areas that is close by. After encountering Peallaidh, he will summon a horde of demons to fight you. Do not use ice skill attacks against these demons.

Why is the black samurai wearing a demonica?

In this world the Demonica armor was built by Country A and Japan to protect soldiers who fought demons, and most of the ordinary suits are black ones.

Where do you find capture the Black Samurai?

Capture the Black Samurai is a massive quest that will need several other main quests cleared before this one can be fully completed. Start up this quest by heading all the way down to the fourth stratum of Naraku. The stairs to reach the fourth stratum are located on the North West corner of the third stratum.

Where is Wu Kong in capture the Black Samurai?

Wu Kong will be located on the 4th Stratum of Naraku. If you obtained the Key to Naraku during Capture the Black Samurai, you can open the first door near the entrance of the 1st stratum. Inside is a shortcut that allows you to jump down from the 1st stratum to the 4th.

Where do you find Master Samurai in Shin Megami Tensei?

Upon reaching the third Stratum, you can take the alternate route to the east through a crawlspace to avoid going through the poisoned corridor. Make your way to the northwestern path of the 3rd level to meet up with the master samurais guarding the place. They’ll then allow you to go deeper in the labyrinth.

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