Where is snagajob located?

Where is snagajob located?

Snagajob is an online marketplace for hourly work….Snag (website)

Type Private
Headquarters Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
Website www.snagajob.com

What is snagajob company?

SnagAjob.com, Inc. operates as a human capital management (HCM) software company. The Company offers technology platform that assists employers in hiring, training, and retaining employees.

Is snagajob an ATS?

Both Workstream and Snagajob provide hiring managers with an end-to-end applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps in streamlining their hiring process.

Do employers use snagajob?

Snagajob is an international job board covering industries including hospitality, retail, healthcare and more. Advertising vacancies for customers like Burger King, Michaels and Dunkin Donuts, Snagajob connects workers with hourly jobs. Snagajob makes it easy for companies and applicants to find each other.

How do I delete my snagajob account?

If you’ve decided to permanently delete your account, go to the Submit a case form and select Delete Account as the Issue Type. Then submit your request. Please tell us why you’re deleting your account—if there’s anything we can do to make your experience on Snagajob better, we want to know!

Who is the founder of Snagajob.com?

Snagajob.com founder, Shawn Boyer, is named National Small Business Person of the Year 2010 Snagajob.com rebrands its name to Snagajob and launches a new hiring suite of products for employers 2011

What can I do with Snagajob as a career?

Joining Snagajob isn’t about having a job, it’s a career. You can carve your own unique path as part of it—meet some Snaggers who’ve done just that. Whether we’re painting houses, teaching high schoolers how to apply for jobs or cheering on athletes at the Special Olympics, we know just how important it is to give back to the community.

Is there a support team for Snagajob?

Our Snagajob Support team is here to help. But first swing by our Knowledge Base to check out useful guides, videos and walkthroughs that could help solve your problem! Have you received a request to complete?

What are the core values of Snagajob.com?

At Snagajob, our core values don’t live in a handbook. They’re the blueprint that guides our behavior and our interactions with our clients, our workers and each other. Create community. Champion our workers. Be an ally to employers. Keep it real. Speak hard truths with positive intent. Be worthy of trust. Question the status quo.


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