Where is Egon Zehnder based?

Where is Egon Zehnder based?

Zurich, Switzerland
Egon Zehnder is a global management consulting and executive search firm….Egon Zehnder.

Type Partnership
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Number of locations 68 offices in 40 countries
Key people Edilson Camara (CEO), Jill Ader (Chairwoman)
Products Management consulting Leadership solutions Executive search

How many partners does Egon Zehnder have?

We can help you get – and stay – ready to take on the leadership challenges you face. With over 525 consultants, working in 63 offices and 37 countries, we partner with the world’s greatest leaders to help them succeed personally and professionally.

Who is the CEO of Egon Zehnder?

Edilson Camara (Nov 27, 2018–)
Egon Zehnder/CEO

Zurich/London, November 27th, 2018 – Egon Zehnder, the world’s leadership advisory firm today announced that Edilson Camara has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

Is Egon Zehnder a good place to work?

Fabulous company culture Everyone at the company becomes family across countries. Such great people to work with and learn from. No cons honestly except not alot of flexibility around work from home.

What is an executive search consultant?

An executive search consultant seeks to place candidate CEOs and upper-management executives with their client companies. A company which is seeking to employ a new or replacement CEO, upper executive or senior manager cannot use a typical recruitment agency to fill the vacant position for them.

When was Egon Zehnder founded?

Egon Zehnder/Founded
Founded in 1964, Egon Zehnder is the world’s leading privately-held executive search and talent management consultancy with more than 400 consultants in 69 offices across 41 countries.

Is executive search hard?

Executive search is by far the most difficult hiring process out there. It sounds far-fetched but hiring executives can make or break your business. When hiring for executives, companies have a long list of specified requirements that need to be met.

How much money does an executive recruiter make?

Salary Ranges for Executive Recruiters The salaries of Executive Recruiters in the US range from $34,120 to $250,000 , with a median salary of $91,317 . The middle 57% of Executive Recruiters makes between $91,317 and $142,002, with the top 86% making $250,000.

What is executive level recruitment?

Executive recruiting is the process of finding and hiring candidates to fill top-level positions at the company. In executive recruiting you to aim to find and hire executive personnel such as senior managers, directors, vice presidents, chief executive officers and similar high-level officers within companies.

Which recruiters make the most money?

On top is Salesforce, with a reported average salary of $134k, closely followed by Uber, where their Senior Technical Recruiters can expect an average pay of $126k including commissions. The salaries for recruiters over at Amazon aren’t too shabby either – up to $100k to be exact.


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