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When was the last time the New York Rangers made the playoffs?

When was the last time the New York Rangers made the playoffs?

The New York Rangers last made the playoffs in 2017, when they lost the Conference Semi-Finals. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 59 times in their 94 seasons.

Who did the Rangers lose to in the Stanley Cup finals?

the Los Angeles Kings
A New York Rangers team that captured the Big Apple’s imagination lost the best-of-7 Stanley Cup Final to the Los Angeles Kings in Game 5 on Friday.

When did New York Rangers win Stanley Cup?

New York Rangers, American professional ice hockey team based in New York City. One of the oldest teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Rangers play in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The team has won the Stanley Cup, the NHL’s championship trophy, four times (1928, 1933, 1940, and 1994).

Did the New York Rangers make the playoffs?

The New York Rangers were officially eliminated from the 2021 playoffs this evening after they were handed a 6-3 loss by the Washington Capitals.

Did the Rangers make the playoffs last year?

In the most recent season, 2020–21, the Rangers finished fifth in the East Division with 60 points and did not qualify for the 2021 playoffs.

How many Stanley Cups have Rangers won?

National Hockey League – number of Stanley Cups won by team from 1915 to 2021

Characteristic Stanley Cups won
New York Rangers 4
New Jersey Devils 3
Tampa Bay Lightning 3
Philadelphia Flyers 2

How many Stanley Cups did the New York Rangers win?

What year did the Rangers sweep the Islanders 4 0 in the playoffs?

In the 1990s, the teams met twice, with the Rangers winning 4–1 in 1990, and sweeping the Islanders 4–0 in 1994, en route to winning their first Stanley Cup since 1940. The 1994 first-round playoff series is the most recent meeting between the two teams in the playoffs.

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