What word begins with the letter A?

What word begins with the letter A?


  • aardwolf.
  • aasvogel.
  • abacuses.
  • abalones.
  • abampere.
  • abandons.
  • abapical.
  • What starts with the letter A preschool?

    Show and Tell Letter A Ideas:

    • apple.
    • airplane.
    • ant.
    • picture of an aunt.
    • anteater.
    • aardvark.
    • alligator.
    • alphabet blocks.

    How many words start with a?

    Number of English words starting with each letter in descending order

    Letters No. of words Percentage
    a 16869 7.11%
    u 16520 6.97%
    t 12976 5.47%
    m 12503 5.27%

    What is a nice word for the letter A?

    Longer Positive Words That Start With A

    Word Definition Synonyms
    admirable (adj.) held in great respect laudable, praiseworthy, venerable
    adorable (adj.) cute, lovable charming, sweet, delightful
    adventurous (adj.) daring; risk-taking audacious, brave, courageous
    affection (n.) strong fondness devotion, esteem, fondness

    What are 5 letter words that start with A?

    5-letter words starting with A

    ABAKO abamp
    aband abase
    abash abask
    abate abaya

    What words start with an A for kids?

    Easy Words That Start With A

    able about above
    angel animal ant
    antlers any ape
    apple arm arrow
    art astronaut ate

    What are positive words that start with A?

    Short Positive Words That Start With A

    Word Definition Synonyms
    adore (v.) to love intensely admire, cherish, esteem
    adroit (adj.) very able or skilled able, adept, artful, skilled
    affable (adj.) friendly agreeable, amiable, charming
    affirm (v.) declare the truth of something approve, assert, declare

    What are happy words that start with A?

    Good Positive Words That Start With Alphabet A

    • Able.
    • Affable.
    • Appreciate.
    • Abundant.
    • Affirm.
    • Approve.
    • Accelerate.
    • Affluent.

    What are nouns that start with A?

    50 Nouns Starting with A

    • Aardvark – a large, burrowing, nocturnal South African mammal that feeds on ants and termites.
    • Ability – a special talent or skill.
    • Absence – a lack of something, or a situation where something or someone isn’t present.
    • Abyss – a deep or bottomless hole, either literal or figurative.

    What are three letter words that start with A?

    3-letter words starting with A

    aaa aab
    Abq abs
    abt Abu
    ABV Abx
    aby ACA

    What word of five letters has only one?

    Answer to the riddle is a bank.

    What are easy words that start with A?

    What kids should know by the end of kindergarten?

    By the end of kindergarten, kids will be able to recognize, name, and write all 26 letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase. They will know the correct sound or sounds that each letter makes and they will be able to read about 30 high-frequency words — also called “sight words” — such as and, the, and in.

    What is the best way to learn vocabulary?

    One of the best ways to learn vocabulary is take your own tests. By taking your own tests, a person can easily evaluate the areas where he needs to work harder. Taking your own test will highlight your weaknesses and the corrective measures can be taken.

    What are some preschool sight words? has a slightly different list of sight words for preschoolers. They include: a,at,an,and,am,are,can,do,for,go,have,he,here,in,I,is,it,like,look,me,my,no,play,said,see,she,so,the,to,up,we.

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