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What nationality is the name dewan?

What nationality is the name dewan?

Indian and Pakistani: status name for a treasurer or court official, from Arabic diwan ‘royal court’, ‘tribunal of justice’, or ‘treasury’. Under the Mughal administration in India the dewan was usually the highest official in a state.

What dewan means?

Dewan (also known as diwan, sometimes spelled devan or divan) designated a powerful government official, minister, or ruler. A dewan was the head of a state institution of the same name (see Divan).

Who founded the new post called diwan?

Sher Shah Suri established a highly centralised machinery. His administrative works were roughly divided into various departments called Diwans, each headed by a separate minister. The important departments were: 1.

Who was the revenue collector or dewan in Mughal times?

The provincial subahdar was in charge of nizamat (he was also called nazim) and the diwan was in charge of revenue administration. To ensure checks and balances in the Suba administration, the Mughal emperor used to appoint these two key officers directly.

What do we call Diwan in English?

/dīvāna/ mn. couch countable noun. A couch is a long soft piece of furniture for sitting or lying on.

Who was Diwan of Akbar?

The most famous diwan under Akbar was Raja Todar Mal, who for a time acted as the chief minister of the realm, but the contribution of Khwaja Mansur and Mir Fathulla Shirazi to the building up of Akbar’s revenue administration was perhaps equally great.

What was the capital of Mirza Hakim Akbar’s half brother?

The capital of Mirza Hakim, Akbar’s half-brother, was Kabul.

What Mandalams were in the Chola kingdom were in the Mughal Empire?

A mandalam (maṇḍalam meaning circle; also known as pāḍi) was the largest territorial division in the Chola state. At its height, the state was divided into nine mandalams which included areas in Sri Lanka and other conquered areas. The two core mandalams were Chola-mandalam and Jayangondachola-mandalam.

Which minister was called Diwan i Koh?

The correct answer is Mohammad bin tuglaq.

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